Mulberry Bayswater - water stain

  1. Please please help... I know this sounds ever so dramatic but I am devastated :sad: I carried a bottle of water in my bag that has leaked through and created a stain on the outside - I have tried rolling the leather / pinching but no use. Has anybody successfully treated this themselves? I have read there is a company who claim to be able to fix this but for about £180 :sad:(( any tips? Has anybody used any of the “colour lock”’products?
  2. A bottle of handwash spilled in my Oak Bays when new. I mopped it up, let it dry out and used it. It has a stain inside but otherwise was fine. Don't stress about it. Just use the bag.
  3. You could take radical action by dunking the entire bag in water to blend it in .
    I did this with a week old Anthony after getting caught in storm and it worked . I had read about it on here when an oak Roxanne was rained on . It ended slightly darker but an even colour .
    There are several threads on here about bags being machine washed too and surviving vey well .

    Good luck
  4. The bags are under warranty for some amount of time, a year I believe. Even though this was an accident and not an inherent issue with the bag, you could try asking your Mulberry store if they offer any repair options. Maybe the price will be better than the quote you have from the other company. Best of luck getting it fixed!