Mulberry Bayswater vs. YSL Large Muse

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  1. I'm torn between the Bayswater and Muse...I posted this same question to the YSL gals and most of course went for the Muse...I'm curious to see what the Mulberry girls think ;) Help me decide which bag I should get for my next purchase!!!
  2. I posted on your other thread. What colour bays are you interested in? Will it be an everyday bag?
  3. LOL I saw your post in the YSL thread and since I only have the Bays didn't want to cause a stir! I have a black Bays and really love it. It is a very simple bag that I think can be dressed up or down. What stands out with Mulberry is the leather, very nice and thick and smells wonderful.
    The other reason I so love the bag is I don't see them anywhere. Totally one of a kind where I live. Hope this helps you make the Mulberry decision!!

    Good luck!
  4. Hi Flossie...I'm thinking about the dark brown Bays and yes, it probably will be an everyday bag :smile:

    LOL kroquet...thanks for the great leather description! I agree with you that a big plus to the Bays is that you dont see it too often (esp in the States) but I think that maybe changing soon!
  5. Choco Bays is gorgeous and the advantage to buying the Mulberry, is to be ahead of the pack, so to speak!!
  6. Definately Bays in brown....
    I like the Muse in Black.
  7. I don't own either one (but have been lusting after the bays for a while), but I have seen and tried on both in the stores. I'd go for the bayswater, because the leather is much better, it's more wrinkly and slouchier; the muse is quite a lovely shape, but the leather is more plain and stiffer and I think the handles look a bit cheap. But of course it's your decision. Good luck!
  8. Oooo,tough decision,both are bags I like.I would I think if I had the funds,go for the Muse.I'll get hounded for saying that on here!!!
    But saying that,the Bays would make such a beautiful everyday bag,and as Kroquet says,the leather is just beautiful and ages so nicely.I'm not sure how a Muse would age,but I do love the design.Mmmm,tough choice.

    Chocco Bays first,you definately won't regret it,I'll put money on it!! And then go for Muse in black nearer the fall/winter.Sounds like the best compromise to me!!! (of course by then you may be so smitten with your Mulberry,you'll want another one!!)

    Lets us know what you decide,and enjoy choosing!!! xxx
  9. either one would be great but for an everyday bag I think the Bays. You can dress the Bays up or down, and (depending on your size) can have it on your shoulder not just on the arms. with that said, I haven't seen a Muse IRL don't know if it has more than one pocket inside which the Bays has just one.
  10. IDK, that's a tough question as all the others before me have said. I've always wanted a large Muse in black, but they're more pricey than the Bays. On the other hand, the Bays (or any Mulberry for that matter) is still sort of "undiscovered" IMO here in the US so it would be nice to own one as it is more unique.

    I think you mentioned you'd use either as an everyday bag and I can see that. They are both great options. Sorry, I'm no help. If it were my decision I'd be completely undecided myself.