Mulberry Bayswater vs. YSL Large Muse

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  1. Ladies...need some advice here! I am torn between the Mulberry Bayswater tote and the YSL Muse for my next purchase. I love both since they're such iconic classics but can't decide which one to go for...HELP!
  2. I've never owned a Mulberry, although they look like great casual bags....I think the Muse is a tad more dressy, depending on the specific color/leather you are interested in....
  3. My vote is for the YSL Large Muse. I find my Mulberry bayswater to be very heavy and prefer the light weight shape of the muse. I don't use my Mulberry very often anymore
  4. I have both . YSL is a bit more dressy .Mulberry is more everyday and looks better with age .
  5. Thanks for the input!!
  6. Well, since you're in the ysl forum: it's an easy answer: the MUSE of course!
    : )
  7. I own the Muse in Black Buffalo and the Mulberry in Oak Brown. I LOVE them both. I do not see the Bayswater being carried around everywhere I turn here in L.A. but the Muse is EVERYWHERE, unfortunately, and sometimes the people carrying it are not exactly "designer handbag" looking people, which makes me wonder.....fake?

    I love the Mulberry Bayswater- mine is the oversized version, bought on their online site. It is a classic, and I receive many compliments when carrying the bag. I do not think of it as a "casual" bag, especially if you buy it in black.

    As much as I love my Muse, I would purchase the larger size Bayswater. It is the ultimate "Tote" in shape and the leather is beautiful. I am just seeing way too many Muse bags and it's really bugging me. I might give mine a "vacation" for a season or two.

    Tough decision- they are both iconic bags. Good Luck!
  8. ooooh my god !
    I was thinking the same YSL downtown in Ostrich or Bayswater in Ostrich ??

    any help ! !!! Advice PLSSssSS
    thanks :smile:
  9. I just got a YSL oversize Muse in a light blue Patent and I have the Mulberry Bayswater in orange. I love the Bayswater, but it is quite heavy and the leather spots VERY easily with exposure to moisture, so be sure to use some protective spray before use. I think the Muse reminds me a bit more of a fun handbag and the Bayswater seems a little like a briefcase - in fact, I often use it for work. Hope this helps!