Mulberry Bayswater vs. LV Speedy Bandouliere

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  1. Hi everyone! I've been seeking advice via PurseForum for a while now but decided to finally make an account.

    Right now I am torn between these two. I've always wanted the LV Speedy Bandouliere, but recently the Mulberry Small Bayswater piqued my interest, and I love how subtle it looks. Don't get me wrong, I love LV - but I'm not sure if a bag with such a distinct logo (even if it's the damier ebene) is something that I'd want for everyday wear.

    For those that own a small Bayswater, what are your thoughts? If you have both the Speedy B and the Bayswater, what are the pros and cons of each?

    Also if this has been addressed in a similar thread, please feel free to link!

  2. For me, these are two distinct bags. I have both and I love my Heritage Small Bayswater Satchel (SBS) hands down. Unfortunately, I think this is going to be a personal preference. I hope my following notes help with your decision.

    SBS pros: exquisite leather and quality, under-the-radar, easy to access. SBS cons: Heavy(ish); Oak NVT is susceptible to watermarks.

    Speedy B 30 Pros: Iconic; lightweight; rain resistant and low maintenance (DE); retains value. Speedy B 30 Cons: Unstructured; commonly found; Not as easy to reach your items; price in relation to a plastic coated canvas item.
  3. Thank you for listing the pros and cons! Ease of access is something I consider with all my bags. I’ll definitely be putting that into consideration!
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  4. This post sort of sums it up really! It depends on what you are really looking for in a bag. It might be worth going to your nearest stores, seeing it and trying it on in person.

    I was debating whether to go for a Speedy Bandoliere 25 or a Mulberry. In the end, I opted for Mulberry - at a similar price point, I would prefer to go for leather than a canvas bag, and my heart just fell for the Mulberry design. If you look after your Mulberry well and use Collinol, it will really help with the leather and avoiding damage from watermarks.
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  5. I have both and they are very different.
    I use my Bayswater for work , my Speedy B DE for weekend and travel.
    Do you have any other bags as this will help us give you more advice.
  6. i have both but sold the bayswater. own two speedys now. one normal speedy and one speedy B. If you drive a car most of the time then i suggest the bayswater. otherwise i think the speedy is much more versatile and things will not fall out from the corner like the bayswater
  7. I have a regular bayswater and do not like carrying it very much. One, it is heavy. Two, the flap is annoying to constantly reset between the handles and over the lock. I sometimes tuck the flap into the bag (like people do with Birkin lol). But it doesn’t lay flat like the Birkin flap. I love my Speedy B (DE 30). I always feel elegant carrying it due to the design despite the fact that it is canvas.
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  8. I don’t have much bags, I seldom buy bags, so that’s why I want to make sure I get a good one that will last a while!

    I have a vintage Coach bucket bag that I inherited from my Mom (pictured here is from Etsy since I don’t have a photo of mine):

    I have a black Kate Spade satchel in black Saffiano leather,
    a Longchamp Le Pliage large tote, and a Rebecca Minkoff MAC.

    My biggest bag is by far my Longchamp!
  9. Looking at the list I would pick the speedy B DE.
    1. LV always a increase in price
    2. It’s so much lighter
    3. You have always wanted it

    For a Mulberry you might be able to pick one up in the sale or an outlet?
    If you pick the Mulberry just keep in mind they can get really heavy as it’s all leather.

    I would go into store and try both on to get a feel.
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  10. I have the heritage SBS and the Speedy 30 (not Bandoulière, so no strap). I would certainly agree that accessibility is far easier with the SBS - even with a liner, I struggle with the zip and cavernous interior of the Speedy. Love both, though!