Mulberry Bayswater tote??

  1. Has anyone purchased a new mulberry tote? If so what colour? I love the look of the navy, but not sure how it will wear or if it’s worth the money? Thanks

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  2. Was just pulling out my oak tote for spring. Too soon to tell how it will wear in the long term, but so far so good and I do love the versatility (work, shopping etc) so haven't regretted the purchase.

    Tempted to get the navy as well!
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  3. Wow it’s gorgeous in oak! I was so tempted with the ocean blue one but didn’t know what it would go with when with navy as love the silver hardware. I’ve never seen one in the flesh so I’m hoping I love it

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  4. 381441A0-2DE5-4740-9DB0-A46055B117E8.jpeg I have the tote in scarlet with the navy interior. I’ve had it for a little over a month. I’ve used it fairly frequently for work, and so far I love it.
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  5. I’ve had my navy tote for a couple of months and i love it! The silver hardware is gorgeous against the blue. The interior is a rich burgundy colour. I use it pretty much every day for work and so far it’s holding up well - but i would expect it to! I would say go for it, you won’t regret it. 508043C3-81A3-49D3-B427-828984AA3110.jpeg DC7954B8-8566-4150-B6F3-8F678A5A0D4E.jpeg
  6. It arrived today... and to be honest I’m just not feeling the love it just looks so boring and I’m devastated because I had such high hopes for this bag. I currently use a coach market tote which I love but I don’t like how open it is. Maybe if I chose a light colour... but then I’m worried about colour transfer

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  7. Hi, I really wanted one but thought the price too high. Managed to secure a second hand one and I love it. Yes but dull but getting a Mono Luxury Liner to jazz it up. Very happy perfect for what I want.