Mulberry Bayswater tote??

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  1. Has anyone purchased a new mulberry tote? If so what colour? I love the look of the navy, but not sure how it will wear or if it’s worth the money? Thanks

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  2. Was just pulling out my oak tote for spring. Too soon to tell how it will wear in the long term, but so far so good and I do love the versatility (work, shopping etc) so haven't regretted the purchase.

    Tempted to get the navy as well!

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  3. Wow it’s gorgeous in oak! I was so tempted with the ocean blue one but didn’t know what it would go with [emoji51] when with navy as love the silver hardware. I’ve never seen one in the flesh so I’m hoping I love it

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  4. 381441A0-2DE5-4740-9DB0-A46055B117E8.jpeg I have the tote in scarlet with the navy interior. I’ve had it for a little over a month. I’ve used it fairly frequently for work, and so far I love it.
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  5. I’ve had my navy tote for a couple of months and i love it! The silver hardware is gorgeous against the blue. The interior is a rich burgundy colour. I use it pretty much every day for work and so far it’s holding up well - but i would expect it to! I would say go for it, you won’t regret it. 508043C3-81A3-49D3-B427-828984AA3110.jpeg DC7954B8-8566-4150-B6F3-8F678A5A0D4E.jpeg
  6. It arrived today... and to be honest I’m just not feeling the love [emoji21] it just looks so boring and I’m devastated because I had such high hopes for this bag. I currently use a coach market tote which I love but I don’t like how open it is. Maybe if I chose a light colour... but then I’m worried about colour transfer [emoji51]

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  7. Hi, I really wanted one but thought the price too high. Managed to secure a second hand one and I love it. Yes but dull but getting a Mono Luxury Liner to jazz it up. Very happy perfect for what I want.
  8. I have one in clay that I bought during the Christmas/winter sales.

    I tried to find information about wear and tear and pros and cons but couldn’t find so much. I saw it in store and got obsessed with the colour and finally pulled the trigger.

    And I really really like it. I wear totes for work to have the option to bring home my work computer. I have some Tory Burch, Longchamps, LV Neverfull (in DE) and now this one. I would say it is the most confortable one of all I have. The straps are SO soft and sits nicely on the shoulder. Style wise I would prefer the Neverfull (which has the perfect tote shape for me). When it comes to wear and tear I have had no problems so far but I do feel like it is not that durable. The corners scares me and the leather feels fragile in some way. But I have not had any problems with it and it looks new (I switch a lot through my 7 totes).

    Since it is so very comfortable and really nice looking I do feel like I could buy it in one more colour on a sale or something [emoji56]
  9. I actually returned this bag, but would like to post a mod shot of Bayswater tote in Rosewater for those of you interested:
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    I really wanted one as the Dorset Leather was too sensitive and the Blossom boring but thought way over priced. Secured a second hand one in burgundy and adore it. I love a tote and it’s nice and firm. Got a beautiful liner made for it. It’s perfect for my day to day needs. I’ve scaled right back and all I’ve got now is this, a black Bay Shoulder, Regular Oak Lily and a vintage Rio Tote. I’m done. To add about wear and tear, I saw a slight light scratch but a bit of colour match boot polish and now can’t see a thing. I use Collinil all the time but just touch up corners with the polish and it’s fine. I don’t think, however beautiful, I’d buy a light bag as I’m just too lazy to be careful with it.

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  11. I have been thinking about buying exact this bag if it goes on sale. Why did you return it?
  12. There was nothing wrong with the bag itself, I just thought it wasn’t worth the price tag. I’m also not sure about the dark interior in a light colored bag. But will probably consider purchasing it if it goes on sale. I actually have a thread about this and YSL tote here:
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