Mulberry Bayswater - Tote or Handbag?

  1. I'm just curious how most of you who own a Mulberry Bayswater bag usually carry it. When you carry it, is it carried as your primary handbag (purse)? Or, do you use it as a tote bag, perhaps along with or in addition to a smaller handbag?

    Or, maybe you have other uses for it - perhaps you carry it as a briefcase? Weekend/travel bag?

    I usually use mine as a tote - carried to work in addition to my handbag. I usually carry a book, my umbrella, files/papers for work, a change of shoes (protected in a sleeper bag of course), and other odds-n-ends I only take to work & don't normally carry in my everyday handbag. There's been a few times I carried it in place of a handbag, but those were times when I needed a large (tote) bag, so instead of carrying a purse & a tote, I just used my Bayswater.

    How bout you? How do you use your Bayswater????
  2. I think the Bayswater has been multi-functional for me. Great for work, for casual days, for shopping, and even for traveling.
  3. It can be used as both. I want one so much!
  4. It's an all-rounder which is what makes it so great. It's a bag to chuck everything in on a weekend or to look stylish as a work bag. A fab bag.
  5. As the SA at Libertys pointed out when I was sniffing around a choc bayswater (one day it will be mine!) it also fits into the dimensions for carry on luggage when flying from UK airports - very useful.
  6. I have to say "it is the most superb handbag for all occasions as it is so roomy " :yes:
  7. I look forward to owning a Bayswater! Love reading all your comments.
  8. I really WANT one! I was thinking of using it as a work-bag to carry my essentials, filofax, stethoscope, books etc then at weekends could carry my essentials and some nappies/ wipes for the kids! I'm saving up!