Mulberry Bayswater - tooled or not?

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  1. How do yoy feel about the Mulberry tooled Bayswater? I just can't make up my mind if I should get one in plain oak or a tooled one - they are so cute, but are they too much??? I am not really a cow-girl type.....but still have this crush... will it last - or should I go for the classic Bayswater anyway?
  2. Hey Vicky,
    I initially like the tooled, but after trying one at Barney's, they do look a bit "much", like you say... I would get the classic.

    If you really like the tooled, I'd get it in one of the ones w/ one color theme, like this one, rather than the multi-colored ones. :smile:

  3. I personally don't really like the bayswater because it's so heavy. But that's just me.
  4. I like the one Spiralsnowman posted a pic of .... very, very pretty!!!
  5. I have the tooled bayswater in apple green with dark green accents. It is beautiful and everyone who comes over to look at my bags like it the very best and they all try to buy it off me. I am not a cowgirl but this bag is so great. I was also told that the tooled bags don't roll up on the flap like the regular one does. It is very comfortable on the shoulder and on the arms as well.
  6. I love the tooled but would go with the one color version. I saw a really cool 3-color one on ebay, but it was pretty ornate and probably wouldn't go with much.
  7. The one-couloured are really nice, I have seen the apple-green version and like it. The white one is lovely, would be nice for summer...
  8. I'd prefer the plain. But the side flaps roll up? Eek! That would be a pain!
  9. I :love:saw this one in NM :love: and stalked it until I found it at a steal. Mine is this cocoa and pink.

    I also love that white one from Barneys.
    And they called it coconut. Mmm.
  10. That is gorgeous!! Might I ask if there's any more where you bought it? Wondering how much you stole it for too :nuts:

  11. Consignment shop with some scrapes which many applications of leather conditioner virtually solved. Just over 1/3 of retail. :love:
    Sometimes I actually do get a bargain!
  12. I prefer the tooled. I guess that is the west Texas in me :smile:
  13. my apple green one is the same two colored tooled bag and I found it at BG thanks to this forum for $420 originally $1200. that was my best deal ever and i love the bag.
  14. I like this one!! :idea: