Mulberry Bayswater question

  1. Anyone who has/has had a Bayswater (the basic Darwin style)--how much does it weigh? I certainly wouldn't expect it to be as light as a nylon tote, but good thick leather has some heft to it. Light (loaf of bread), medium (a couple of hardback books and a sandwich), heavy (a gallon of milk!), get-a-luggage-cart (sack o'potatoes)? :shrugs:
  2. I'd say medium to heavy, depending on how strong you are and if you have any back problems. I tried a phoebe, which is similar in weight, perhaps a little lighter, and it got heavier, to my mind, when I got injured. Also, the bayswater is spacious, so be careful because you'll be tempted to fill it up.

    Finally, have you considered getting a bayswater in glove leather? I know it's not as storng as darwin leather, but people seem to find even Mulberry's nappa leathers to be really strong and sturdy. So, you might not need darwin.
  3. I decided against the Bayswater after trying it on at Nordstroms after transferring some of the items from my own handbag to "test" the weight. Alas, too heavy for me. There are a lot of interesting bags these days in lighter leathers so I've put myself on a heavy bag ban to be kind to my back and shoulder.
  4. Very useful, thank you! The only glove leather I've seen for a Bayswater is in a metallic, and I really don't like metallic. I'm going to keep looking, though. Thanks!
  5. Alas, we have no Nordstrom's...or Neimans....and only a small I haven't been able to actually pick one up and try it out. Thank you!
  6. There were some on our sale table at NM during the winter sale time and I picked one up just to see... I thought it was REALLY heavy... thick leather, tough, but WAY too heavy for me to carry around all day long...
  7. It is heavier than my Muses (the Bayswater is actually the heaviest bag I own. I could never use it as an everyday bag). I think it's not quite as heavy as some of the Chloe bags I've looked at, but never bought because they feel like they're full of rocks. So, I'd say in between the Muse and Chloe bags.
  8. My goodness. It sounds like the bag equivalent of an elephant. :push:

    Thank you!
  9. And I carry around the equivalent of a bag of rocks even in a light bag. Eek. Thank you!
  10. Hmm...I don't find the Bayswater to be particularly heavy...then again, my other bags are an MJ stam and 2 Chloe Paddington THOSE are heavy.
  11. Ah, good, this gives me some hope! Thanks!
  12. I'm like you, if I got one, I'd want the Darwin leather. I just LOVE that leather! Weight and all. I don't own a Bayswater, but would love to someday.
  13. My tooled oak Bayswater weighs 2 lbs: my Chloe large paddington tote weighs about 5 lbs.

    unladen, LOL
  14. I saw a pic of someone's well-loved Darwin leather Bayswater the other day and I almost had a heaert attack, it was so *perfectly* what I've always wanted. I hope you can get one sooner rather than later! And one for me, too. ;)
  15. Oh, brill! This is exactly what I needed to know! thank you!! :yes: