Mulberry Bayswater-question

  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to ask: "The interior Mulberry pocket always zips from the right to the left. Should any zip from the left to the right, it is indeed a replica bag."

    Is this true: I purchased a Mulberry Bayswater in Chocolate Darwin which presumingly is authentic. It was said to be from the factory in Somerset. But it zips from the left to the right.
    Do you think that it is a replica?

    Here are some pics:
    _M7C0007.jpg _M7C0013.jpg _M7C0015.jpg
  2. The above statement is not true, some bags do zip the other way, however I have yet to see a bayswater that zips the other way. Did you buy the bag on eBay, if so do you have the auction ID as the pictures you have attached are inconclusive, although I know which way I am leaning.
  3. Mulberry bags aren't always uniform. The leather on this bag looks authentic in the photos. The outside and inside seem to have the right texture. There aren't enough photos though. The seller needs to show more close up detail.
  4. Hi!
    Thank you.
    I already got the bag and the seller has stated that it comes from the factory shop. The location on his eBayid says:

  5. Hi!
    Thank you, I did not see your answer. I have posted the link to the eBay auction on the other thread.