Mulberry Bayswater or MJ Stam?


Which bag do you prefer?

  1. Mulberry Bayswater

  2. Marc Jacobs Carolyn

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  1. I am deciding on my next bag purchase and want one that locks. Which do you all prefer and why? TIA!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. I love the colour and style of the mulberry! Its more classy
  3. I like the bayswater because it is a classic. I'm not crazy about "pieced" or patchwork bags because it seems like they have leftover leather that they throw together to make a bag and market it just to make a sale.
  4. Thanks for your opinions! I still am hung up on the Carolyn for some reason
  5. I love MJ bags, but I don't really like the patchwork look. They are growing on me, though. I hated them at first, but I have seen them IRL and they are much nicer. The Mulberry looks like a heavy, sturdy bag. The MJ looks more refined, IMO. They are both very different. I would probably go with the Mulberry. It is more versatile.
  6. Bayswater, of course.:tup:
  7. To me, honestly, the Bayswater looks a little too much like it's derived from (I didn't say a copy of) a Hermes Birkin.
  8. i say Mulberry Bayswater
  9. The bayswater is a lovely bag but I gotta warn you, it is a little heavy and depending on how much you're putting in there, it might be a little uncomfortable even if you're carrying it on your shoulder.
  10. Bayswater if I had to choose. I have that exact bag and it's my everyday work staple. I do love MJ bags, but not that particular one - I just don't like the patchwork/quilt look.
  11. bayswater...timeless
  12. Bayswater
  13. Bayswater! Just bought an oak Bayswater for summer and have my black one for winter! Never have loved a bag as much as these.
  14. Why does the topic of this thread mention Stam instead of Carolyn? :confused1:

    In any case, this is a difficult choice.

    Bayswater is a classic, although some may think it is a little bit dull. In Darwin leather, like in the picture above, the bag is more unstructured and a bit slouchy.

    In contrast, the patchwork style of MJ Carolyn is more of-the-moment. However, the shape of the bag resembles many classic bags, for example Bayswater and LV Alma. Due to the stiffness of patchwork, this bag is certainly more structured than Bayswater. The leather in patchwork is a little wrinkled in nature, i.e., it has a certain distressed look.

    I personally own both Bayswater and MJ little Stam in patchwork. Out of these two options in your pictures, I would choose MJ Carolyn, partly because of the reason that I like patchwork, partly because I am not so fond of non-structured bags.
  15. MJ patchwork bags are also rather heavy... I would assume that these bags are roughly equal in weight.