Mulberry Bayswater - Opinions

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  1. Good afternoon all,
    I am planning on fulfilling my wife's dream of owning a Bayswater for her upcoming birthday. I don't have an issue with spending the money but (in true naggy husband fashion) I do want to know that I am spending my money wisely. Just after some opinions on the Bayswater in general if anyone has time please?

    Many thanks.
  2. Hmm.
    If your wife decided on bayswater--it is both the right bag & use for money.
    That's rule #54 of blissful marriage.
    Other 53 address bathroom habits, making peace with floral prints & not eating all the tasty snack foods without asking.
    55 & after talk about tracking mud onto floors & why power tools don't belong on dining table.

    Seriously, are about a million threads here, about bays.
    Search will show.
    Main question is--new version or classic bays?
    Next is--which leather & color?
    Best luck.
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  3. i have the older bays eight in total and I love them. But you need to find out if she likes the new version and what colour.The new version has suede lining which is fab( look at the mulberry website to compare the two) and some of the older versions have microfibre interior. Just make sure you get what she really wants.
  4. Hi,

    I think you'd be spending your money wisely. It's a beautiful and classic Mulberry, a popular choice for many, and something she has been dreaming of. I have one in black that I bought some years ago. To me it's very heavy to carry on the lower arm, I prefer a bag with a strap that I can carry on my shoulder - but I only realised this after purchasing it. It could be worth a consideration if your wife prefers to carry a bag of this size in a way that the Bayswater doesn't cater for.

    Also, be mindful of that Mulberry recently introduced a New Bayswater where they have altered the design of the classic Bayswater. So be sure to bring home the one she really wants ;)
  5. Will you buy it for her or take her out to get it? I love the experience of going into the shop and selecting the bag myself. Makes a lovely day out :smile:
  6. Thanks for your reply. I think i'm doing okay with the other countless rules for blissful marriage, for now anyway! Apart from power tools on the dining table of course, my drill does the job so much faster than her whisk! :smile:

    As for leather and colour, she was fondling an Oxblood Natural Leather version in Harvey Nicholls last week, so I think that's the one. I'm not sure if it was classic or new design, will have to pop back on my own and have a look. Which is generally more popular, and can you still buy both versions direct from Mulberry?

    Thanks again, much appreciated.
  7. So many options, I genuinely didn't realise what a minefield this is. Whether or not to have children was a much more simplistic conversation than this! :confused1:

    Thanks for your reply, really appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your reply, how do you go about buying the classic as opposed to the new? Apologies for the daft question, but I really am out of my depth here!

    Many thanks for your reply.
  9. I was planning on buying it for her, but now you've mentioned taking her out I think that might be the best option. It would certainly be less pressure for me!

    Thanks for your reply. :smile:
  10. Hi the older version is now called the heritage bayswater in store and online...old fogies like me love it as it is the classic plain boring style that has been around since 2002 and is iconic mulberry what the birkin is to hermes. The best leather is goat or NVT as it lasts and lasts

    The new one has wings on either side and looks misshapen you will see the difference!!! In my opinion e leathers are inferior..all looks no substance..these wont wear like the older style..i have 12 bays all old style some over 10 years old and all looking as new!! Good luck ..and what a lovely hubby you are!!!
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  11. Yes if you call a mulberry stand alone store and explain they will try and make it special for you..some offer a glass of bubbly etc
  12. The new microfibre lining and new bags have been known to have a nasty niff!!! The heritage smell like good old best quality leather!!!
  13. Heritage

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  14. New thing!!!

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