Mulberry Bayswater (oak) or Chloé Edith (whiskey)?

  1. I was just wondering which you guys prefer.

    I kind of like the casual old schoolbag charm of the Edith (the name reminds me of an english teacher:p actually she was welch...)

    But I do prefer the Bayswatrer since a bid more refined...leather wise I know the Mulberry but never touched an Edith :shrugs: ?!
  2. I will go for Mulberry Bayswater as it's classic. For Edith, not sure if it will be in the collection or fashion later, if you know what I mean. Depends if you are a classic person or not. For me, I like bags that last forever when it cost that much.

    You can carry the bayswater on shoulder but Edith can't.

    You know I will vote for Bayswater as I just got one, LOL
  3. I like the Edith, especially in Whiskey. However, it is not as practical because it is a hand-held whereas the Bayswater is a shoulder bag. Therefore, on that basis, I would go with the Bayswater.

  4. I really don't think that the edith is very fashionable per say but charming.
    What do you think of the quality of the two products?
  5. I bet from my username you can guess which i will go for:yes: Mulberry Bayswater in oak wins hands down for me it is a fantastic looking bag and ages perfectly not to mention how roomy it is . Also you can carry it or wear it on your shoulder and the colour goes with pretty much everything.
  6. I vote for Mulberry! I'm looking for one too, because I like the style and in Italy it's not a IT bag yet, so I'll be the only one carrying it
  7. The quality of Chloe Edith leather is absolutely wonderful as is Mulberry's darwin leather - I think darwin is more prone to spotting and scratching so you really have to protect it whereas rain on Edith doesn't tend to permanently mark it (just bend the leather where it's waterspotted and the dried spots fade away). I loooooove Edith but for practical reasons I too would vote for Oak Bayswater for the shoulder option and more versatile color. :yes:
  8. basically it sounds as if the Mulberry wins?!
  9. :yes: :yahoo:
  10. I vote for Edith! She's lovely and personally, I love handheld bags. I think I'm gonna get one for my Bday.
  11. I love the Mulberry bayswater in oak- but if you do get it you'll have to spray it with collonil spray to try to prevent watermarks!
  12. I'd go for the Bayswater. I love Mulberry bags - they are beautifully crafted and are timeless. I almost bought an Edith, had it at home but returned it as it weighed an absolute ton!
  13. I'd go for the bayswater, although the Edith does also look like a lovely bag :smile:
  14. I love the Edith, it's really beautiful!
  15. i vote for the mulberry bayswater!!! :yahoo: