Mulberry Bayswater leather cracked and dry?

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  1. Hi guys I'm new to mulberry and just bought my first one today. It's a 2 hour drive to mulberry and I just got home and noticed the leather on the backside of the tag (where the key is) seems dry and cracked. Is this normal?! Or can I do something to make it go away. Could some of you more experienced mulberry Bayswater owners check the back of theirs? Many thanks!!. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462572930.004396.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462572948.802949.jpg
  2. Hmm.
    I see leather grain.
    Not cracks.

    My bags come from mulb store pretty dry.
    I use collonil gel.
    But it does not change the grain pattern, or cause bumpy leather to become smooth.

    Maybe someone else can offer other suggestions?
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    If I expand your photographs I can see the surface looks rough with raised fragments of surface leather.
    If you aren't happy you could call your boutique and ask for a replacement bag or simply a replacement clochette. If you dont want the hassle of returning, you could apply some Collonil gel or similar leather conditioning cream. It won't repair the leather if it is abraded, but will soften it and with massage in the same direction as the grain follows should smooth it down.
    Hope that helps?


    (Just had a thought. It could be glue/sealant... Have you tried very gently rubbing with the ball of your thumb to see if it will rub off?)
  4. Looks normal variations in the hide to me
  5. Do you mean the little dark spots? They could be glue residue as Moo says, or it might be colour lifting off, it's hard to tell from a photo. If you're not happy contact customer services, theres always a chance they might be able to save you a trip back to the store if its just the cloche.
  6. I can see little spots. Like the leather is a bit rough Is that what you mean?

    Is the bag from full price or outlet? If it was sold as a sub at outlet then I think you are stuck with it. If it is full price then call/email customer services or the store you purchased from and I am pretty sure they will arrange a collection and deliver a new leather fob free of charge.
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