Mulberry Bayswater in Kenya

  1. I love this bag, it's beautiful and so chic. Black mock croc, it's lined and comes with a lock and key. However, I have some Qs. I'm not an expert so don't laugh and my Qs which you might find silly :p:

    1) Is it leather? The website just says the material is Kenya, so I assume that means leather mock croc?
    2) The dimensions make it sound huge, is it? I'm only 5 foot 2 inches so I don't want to look like I'm carrying luggage. I don't actually carry much in my bag, but if it's really large it seems like a lot of wasted space.
    3) Is it heavy?
    4) Where do you use your Bayswater? Work, shopping, casual meet with friends and family?
    5) Do you wear it dressed up or dressed down (I suppose the answer to this Q depends on Q4)?

    I really look forward to any replies. Thanks for reading!
  2. I went to my local Mulberry shop specifically to purchase a Bayswater in Kenya. When in saw it IRL I was blown away. It is a breathtaking bag. That being said, I walked away with a Chocolate Darwin.

    1.The bag is leather. Both the black and oak are so beautiful. The bag looks like a million bucks.

    2. The Bayswater is why I consider a large bag. I'm 5'11 and it is a bit larger than what I am accustomed to carrying. I think it is a good proportion for me. Perhaps some of the other members that are closer to your stature can comment on the size better than I.

    3. The bag has some weight to it. I do not carry a lot of things daily so I'm not too bothered but it can get heavy. If one is used to carrying a very light bag with few items, the Bayswater might be too much.

    4/5. I feel that the bag in Kenya is a more formal looking bag. Kenya would be perfect for business. I use mine for work, everyday. I went to lunch with some friends and I carried it in khakis and a twin set. My dress at work is business casual and I am casual in my free time and I do not feel it is out of place. I wore a charcoal gray pant suit on Monday and I carried it. I think it was a nice match. If I had been carrying the black Kenya I'm sure that my coworkers would have wondered what time I was going on my interview. The Kenya is that sharp.

    I love my Bayswater and I plan to add another one to my collection at some time. Now that they are offering bespoke bags the possiblities are endless. Perhaps a black ostrich!

    If you can get to a shop, try it out. I also tried the Ledbury but it was smaller than I was looking for.
  3. ^ Hmmm, sounds like the Bayswater in Kenya might not be for me either. I'm a sahm so although the bag is gorgeous it's probably going to be too formal for me. I certainly don't have anywhere to go with it in my VERY casual attire LOL! It also seems like it could be too large for me and weight is definitely an issue. I was looking at the Mulberry website and Net-a-Porter. On the Mulberry website a model is holding it and it looks really big. Then on Net-a-Porter a 5 foot 11 inch mannequin is modeling the bag and it looks fine. I think it's going to look like a big posh tote on me.

    I had never considered the Ledbury, that is lovely too. It seems like the right size for me. Now my mind is mulling over this bag! Sorry if you can bare with me a little longer, I now have some Qs re the Ledbury:

    1) The Ledbury is listed on the Mulberry website under handheld, so does it mean it absolutely can't fit on the shoulder?
    2) is it lined?
    3) if lined, do you remember what is it lined with?
    4) where are Mulberry bags made, UK?

    I could see myself with the Ledbury in Kenya, because being a smaller bag I think I could get away with it even in my casual clothes.

    Yes seeing a bag in person is always best, but unfortunately it's going to be a while before I can properly browse in the stores.

    You have given me plenty of food for thought, thank you, and enjoy your beautiful Bayswater!!
  4. Ok- I saw the ledbury at Selfridges and it is definately hand held. I don't think it's lined but didn't actually look inside. As far as i'm aware Mulberry bags are definately made in Uk and Turkey but I'm sure there are some other places too!
    I'm saving up for a choco bayswater! i'm 5' 6'' and it didn't seem 'big' to me but then I'm 4 inches taller than you! The black moc croc leather definately looks quite formal.
    Hope this helps!
  5. The Ledbury is hand held - it won't go over a shoulder and it isn't lined.
    Mulberry bags are made in the UK. They did shift production to Europe for a while but are now bringing manufacture back to the UK.
    The Ledbury is a lovely bag - it's a mini Bayswater in looks but is way smaller. If you don't mind a hand held or crook of arm bag then it's a great choice and it comes in some good colours.
  6. Yes this helps a lot, thanks! Since the ledbury is definitely handheld now I've gone back to thinking about the bayswater even though I have reservations about size and weight.

    I'm going to have to see it in person (don't know when) since spending so much on a bag is a big decision for me, but what a fun decision to make!
  7. I love the idea of Mulberry being made in the UK since it's a British brand. Anyway like I said above I'm now thinking of the bayswater again because it looks like it can fit on the shoulder but the ledbury is definitely a handheld.

    BTW Sarajane since you live in Bath have you been to the factory outlet?

    If anyone else is interested I got the Mulberry factory outlet details over the internet:

    The Old School House
    Kilver Street
    Shepton Mallet
    BA4 5NF
    01749 340 583
    Opening Times
    Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
    Sunday 11am - 5pm

    I think there might also be one in York but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  8. yes there is one in york I have been to the one in shepton mallet at it is well worth a visit they also do mail order but you have to ring them
    Last time I went they had a chocolate bayswater and quite a few current seasons bags