Mulberry Bayswater in Darwin or glace' leather??

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if I could get opinions form people who have the Bayswater in the Darwin or glace.. what are the pros and cons? Also, which one do you prefer in general?? Thanks

    ps.- just wanted to note,the pictures were taken from other ppl's posts.
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  2. Ooh, good question! I'll be interested to hear Mulberry owners comment on this too. I don't own a Bayswater, but I'd like to, and I want to hear what the experts think. Thanks for asking this question.
    For me, I like the look of the Darwin leather, because it is what I'm used to seeing.
  3. Well I haven't got a mulberry bayswater ( yet!!!) but i see the pro's of the glace being - no water marks + very smart looking. Personally i prefer the darwin leather as more casual looking and will age beautifully. Think it depends on the function of the bag and your style as to which one would be the better buy. Have you seen the new patent ones on the website?
  4. I prefer the glace. The Darwin really does get banged up, but I guess some women like that look?
  5. No, I havent seen the patent leater version yet.. Patent leather is not really my style, though it can be cute.. Looking forward to more replies :smile:
  6. I prefer the glace, not as common as the Darwin. Of course you will need a Darwin in your collection but you can get a Darwin on most Mulberry styles.
  7. I prefer the Darwin, seems more like classic Mulberry to me. But if you have other bags in Darwin leather, then variety is nice too.
  8. I have a Darwin Bayswater and prefer it too the glace - too shiny, in my opinion.
  9. The Darwin leather seems younger and more hip. The Glace does make it seem like a copy cat bag. The Darwin is what makes Mulberry....Mulberry. Do let us know what you decide!
  10. I have a GLOVE back Bayswater ,And i love it:smile:
  11. I Like the look of the Darwin best. Used to have one i Chocolate, but sold it of, as I found that the handles weren't robust enough for my use... I now have the Mulberry Ayler and some angelica's which I love besides my Balenciaga's.. But the Bayswater it is one beautiful - classic bag :yes: Good luck deciding..
  12. resell point of view , darwin does best second hand .