mulberry bayswater colours


which colour do you prefer/ is most versatile?

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  2. Chocolate

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  1. Am still lusting after a bayswater and can't really decide which colour to go for. My preference is either the oak or chocolate darwin. i want to be able to use it year round and wear it with all colours ie blacks, browns, creams, denim etc etc
    What is your favourite?
  2. i would say go for the oak, the chocolate might not look good against black, the oak will stand out more, im biased though i just ordered a vanilla bayswater so id say vanilla lol, good luck getting your bag :smile:
  3. I would pick the oak one. My dayghter has one and I think it looks good with just about any color except maybe some pastel shades. I have it in black which is also very, very useful but perhaps not quite as beautiful as the oak.

  4. i would say oak is the most versatile colour, closely followed by chocolate (although Im not sure how it would look against black irl).
  5. Black.
  6. Black - I have it and absolutely love the fact it goes with everything!:smile:
  7. Oak, classic Mulberry color.
  8. Black for me!
  9. Looking forward to buy a black one, right now I have an oak
  10. I have a black Emmy and think it is dull compared to the oak Emmy.

    I have a black Congo Bayswater which is great. These are discontinued but I bet that black Kenya is also good.

    Our local dealer sells mainly oak and I have to tell you that oak Baywaters are particularly desirable.
  11. I voted oak, since you stated that you wanted a darwin bayswater. Oak is by far the nicest darwin colour imo, since it ages so beautifully. Chocolate is nice as well, and goes well with many colours. I find the black darwin a bit dull, compared to the other black bayswater options - the black congo is beautiful and classy, and I love the antique glace in black, it's a bit shiny and not as sensitive to scratches as the darwin.
  12. I voted Chocolate. I've had a Chocolate Roxanne for about two years now, and its a beautiful color. I've always admired Oak, but I worry about having a problem with water spots on that color.
  13. Chocolate! I love the choc...
    What do you guys think about this seasons purple and white bayswaters?
  14. I voted Chocolate. I've had a Chocolate Bayswater for sometime now, and its a gorgeous color. I think black looks a little bit dull.
    Also chocolate goes perfectly well with everything!

    P.S. would not say no to an oak one though ;)
  15. Does anybody know all the colors that the Bayswater has come in? Was there ever a red or dark blue? It is such a beautiful bag, in any color!