Mulberry bayswater colors

Sep 18, 2014

I am new to Mulberry and I am wondering If bayswater has seasonal colors. I am looking for a purple in the Classic or zipped, I found some for sale in “mauve” and “violet” and wanted to know if these are actual colors or these are fakes? Thanks
Apr 19, 2017
I own a petrol blue bayswater. Have it on sale actually. I love the color so much but find I almost never use it.
That's an absolutely gorgeous colour! Petrol blue is one of my favourite colours but it's so rare to find the perfect shade in clothing and bags! I actually came across your listing on Vestiaire a while ago and would have pulled the trigger except that the Bayswater would be too huge for me :sad:


Apr 1, 2008
Aaah then you have seen it indeed. The thing with the bayswater is that it is gorgeous and can be practical for a laptop for example but I find myself to never use it after all. Despite that I have a soft spot for the bag and especially the petrol blue color but I do know what you mean.