Mulberry Bayswater: Chocolate or Black?


Mulberry Bayswater: Chocolate or Black?

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  1. Hi,

    I am planning to get the Bayswater (may be today) :yahoo: But I am not sure whether I should get the chocolate or black. I have the Roxanne in oak, so I won't consider oak for Bayswater. I am a bit leaning to chocolate. What colour do you prefer and why?

    Many Thanks.
  2. I think I would prefer the brown mainly because I wear more brown and colors that go with brown more than black. You should consider your wardrobe though, and which color you think will be more useful to you. The bayswater is lovely classic bag so you want something that you will be able to use for a long time. Congrats in advance!
  3. i prefer chocolate but i've not seen one in real life. the black looks abit shiny but i'm not sure is it because of the lighting inside the boutique. congrates on the soon purchase, either one will go a long way in great style :flowers:
  4. Thanks noon and petrina_yeo

    Both black or brown will suit my wardrobe as I always wear simple / classic colours - black, grey, white, etc.

    My friend has a black bayswater, don't think it is shiny.
  5. thanks for the shiny information at least now i know it's definitely not shiny :smile:. i'm into the brown phase right now so still chocolate for me. think brown matches everything yet looks classic and not so "plain" looking. i also feel brown ages nicer for a darwin leather bag :smile:
  6. This is exactly what I think, LOL :yes:

    But I still want to know other's opinion.
  7. I fell in love with the chocolate when I saw it in real life and held it. Also I have been reliably informed that the brown patina's into a lovely dark chocolate colour. If you look back or do a search for bayswaters/ antony bags and darwin leather there were quite a few posts discussing colours and pro's and cons. I'd say chocolate definately!!
  8. I was stuck which to vote for because i :heart: both, but.... black won the vote as it is sooo practical .
  9. Hi Londoner. I voted for chocolate. Chocolate is dark enough to go for black, if you know what I mean. I think a woman who is wearing all black, for instance, and has a chocolate purse, is very cool. Also, the Bayswater is a big bag, and I think something that big in a big coal lump. If you get the chocolate, it will even look good with white slacks in the summer -- get my drift? I think chocolate is more versatile -- and, it can cover the black look. I want to get a chocolate. So I am very happy for you! You lucky gal -- you live in a place where you can actually walk into a store and buy the handbag you want! Here in the such luck! Happy Shopping. And do let us know that you bought the chocolate bag. You won't regret it.
  10. deff chocolate!
  11. I have both and in terms of practicability I vote Black! It just seems to go with more especially suits for work!:yes:
  12. When I saw the IRL, I preferred chocolate.
  13. ok ladies, thanks so much for your views. I bought a chocolate Bayswater today :yahoo: . I guess when it comes to bags, I prefer brown and black for clothes.
  14. Congratulations from another London girl!
  15. I am totally jealous and happy for you! Enjoy!!! Post of pic of you wearing it please!