Mulberry bayswater as shoulder bag?

  1. just a quick question for any mulberry bayswater owners out there, Can you comfortably carry it on your shoulder or does it have to be hand held? don't think i could get on with a bag that I couldn't sling on my shoulder!!! I love the chocolate and oak darwin versions.
    Thanks in advance

  2. I can sling it on my shoulder, but I don't. I think aesthetically, to me, it works best as a carry handle satchel.
  3. Thanks for that. it's just nice to know that if you need both hands ( I have 3 kids!) it will fit on the shoulder!

  4. i don't have any, but when I tried it at my local shop I could perfectly carry it on my shoulder and I loved it more than hand held (it's quite heavy).
  5. oh, a bayswater thread! since this is a bayswater topic I'm wondering if this bag is heavy?
  6. Yep the bayswater is pretty heavy. It does goes over the shoulder but it's a deep bag so it can look a bit odd as it's tucked up tight under the arm. It would be tricky getting it over a thickish coat though.
    It is designed to be hand held so it's not the ideal candidate for a shoulder bag. A far better (and lighter) Mulberry bag is the Soho which is glove leather and is designed to go over the shoulder. I have two and I use them all the time - I particularly love the whip stitched edges.
  7. Actually, I think it works much better as a shoulderbag rather than a handheld. It is rather heavy and will become even more so due to the temptation to load it up because of the practical size.

    I am thinking of selling mine though as I find I don't use it much anymore.
  8. I used to have one but sold it to buy a Roxy, it fitted beautifully on the shoulder, more so than the Roxy as it is not so boxy, it's a gorgeous bag!
  9. how disappointing to find out it is heavy! I was at Nordstrom's before and I've petted this bag but I don't remember whether or not it was heavy.. darn.. and I was thinking of buying one to use as a carryall/office bag!
  10. Has anyone got any piccies of it being worn as a shoulder bag?
  11. Found some old pics of my bayswater on shoulder & on arm. I carry mine over the shoulder unless it's very full, then it's rather bulky and would work better as handheld/in crook of arm.
    BayswaterShoulder.JPG BayswaterArm.JPG
  12. Oh, wow it looks great both ways! Thanks for the piccies!! I want one!!!!! Just can't decide what colour! i've got an oak Annie and seeing as I don't have any black bags maybe a black bayswater would be a good investment?

  13. Can't go wrong with a black bayswater, it's an absolute staple... Mine is in the antique glacé leather, it's a darwin leather that has been heat-treaded and has a shiny surface. Perfect, as it rains a lot where I live... The original darwin is matte and will age beautifully. There is also a very nice croc-embossed version, in congo leather.
  14. The bayswater can be carried as a shoulder bag or a hand held. I actually think it looks better over the shoulder since the straps are a bit longer. I bought a black one that was on sale at NM awhile back, but returned it since it was a bit bulky for me.
  15. Hello, I have an oak Bayswater which I use as my everyday throw around bag, it's softened nicely over the last 12 months. It goes fine over my shoulder although I don't overpack it, it IS quite heavy but that's more because it can hold so much and there is a temptation to fill it, it might be a bit of a squash over a thick coat.

    My only warning is it got caught in the rain on one of its first outings and it spotted badly, dreadful mess it looked, I was in a right state over it and contacted the company, I've not been able to do much about the marks (might be worth asking about a waterproof treatment when it is brand new) but now, the bag is a bit darker overall, the spots have blended in, it goes out in all weather and looks fine in a slightly distressed vintage-y way. I love the colour and wear it with black outfits etc, it goes well with every colour, a real workhorse.