Mulberry Bayswater and Hermes birkin look alike??

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  1. I usually hang out in the Chanel sub forum. Last week, I got a chance to buy a mulberry bayswater in black with a really good price and I think that it might be a good everyday bag to use when I am with my kids. But on the other hand , I think that it looks like a birkin. What do you think? Bayswater lovers please help me..
  2. personally i feel that the leather and style is different enough. mulberry feels more casual and birkin is more formal imo. i like the idea of using bayswater as a daily bag :yes:
  3. Personally I think a Bays is an iconic bag in itself and totally different from a Birkin.
  4. Agree with you, Tiree. The bays has a much softer look imo, a flap and quite a few other differences.

    A black bays would be a great everyday bag:smile:
  5. I agree with Tiree, it is definitely an iconic bag on its own and I think there are probably more differences than similarities between the two!

    Bays are brilliant every day bags and perfect for when you need to carry more with you, I think Klp uses her black bays for trips out with her little one so maybe she will be able to let you know more about how it is for that.
  6. i think there are similarities but then in another breather they are very different!
  7. I'd have to agree with other posters and say that I think the hardware, feel and general look of the 2 are vastly different despite similarities in shape and handle placement. The Bays is definitely a classic in it's own right and will make a great everyday bag for you :smile: The leather softens beautifully over time and with a little care will develop a beautiful patina :yes:
  8. Thank you everyone so much. I think that the bayswater will be a great everyday bag for me. It looks formal enough to wear to work
    ( who knows when will I be able to go back to work, I'm a Stay At Home Mom ) and it looks casual enough to wear with jeans and run around with my kids. I love the leather, too.
  9. I think Bays have a more modern appearance whereas a Birkin looks a little "old ladyish" to me - sorry!