Mulberry bags!

  1. Anyone know a legit site that has Mulberry bags on sale? I would be greatful for any feedback.
    Thanks Ladies.:heart:

    P.S Do you think it's ok to wear pink check Burberry bags in the Fall/Winter?
    Posted this on my other thread but figured people might be reading this one.
  2. Not sure if you are in the US. Nordstroms has had tons of Mulberry bags on sale for 40-60% off. If those bags don't sell at the regular stores they go to Nordstrom Rack.
  3. I got mine from Neiman Marcus, I got a python mulberry for 60% off
  4. Candace,
    Do you like your Mulberry? I am eye-ing one on ebay and hope someone else buys it, because it is driving me crazy. Amazing.

    Do you find the python heavy to carry? Also, did you get it at a local NM store or online? Did they have any more? There is no NM here.