Mulberry bags

  1. I really want a mulberry elgin, does anyone know if they are they cheaper to buy in America or England? (i'm going to L.A and N.Y.C this June) Do any of you guys in America know which stores sale mulberry bags? Thanks :smile:
  2. I know that Mulberry is often on sales in the US - I am from the UK.

    In the UK you can get an Elgin for about £416 from Mulberry outlet shop, there is one in York and one in Shepton Mallet.

    Hopefully someone will pipe up about the US :smile:
  3. i would think the UK is cheaper since its a UK company and the bags are produced here.
  4. ^^ You think so wouldn't you! I know some ladies on hear have scored excellent deals in the US! Like a new Roxanne for about £250. Unfortunately I have never seen deals like this in the UK!:smile:
  5. If you are flying from Heathrow you may be able to get a good deal at the airport.
  6. Mulberry bags often go on sale here in the US. At full retail I don't think they are really any cheaper in the UK, although they do have the official Mulberry outlets in the UK for which I envy them! We do have a few Mulberry stores in LA, NY, and NJ but most of the time they are carried in the better department stores like Nordstrom, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, possibly Bloomingdales.

    Examples of sale prices in the US: I have bought a new (although rather wrinkled in the back) Roxanne for about $500 and a gorgeous Tooled Bayswater a couple of years ago for $600 (before tax).

    It's kind of hard to know in advance exactly when Mulberry bags will go on sale unless you are on some kind of clientele list that sales associates will call ahead of time - but such things often happen seasonally or around the same time each year. I think Mulberry bags just aren't as popular in the US yet so lots of them go on sale at the end of the season and if you're lucky there will be some available on sale when you're in the US.
  7. Thanks for your help. Yes i am flying from heathrow, so i'll look around! it will be a great start to my holiday if i manage to pick up my first mulberry there!

  8. My Dh flew from Heathrow a few days ago and apparently the Mulberry annie I have that normally retails at £595 was about £500 in the airport. Worth looking!