Mulberry bags that you hate and why?

  1. Haha I'm patient and tolerant most of the time! However I am the world's nosiest and that's why I'm enjoying the thread so much :lol:
  2. Me too.:yahoo:
  3. Hmm...I'm not a fan of the Antony, it's just a bit too utilitarian for me...and I'm sure this won't go down well, but I just can't get my head around the Del just looks exactly like a Topshop bag I bought for about £30. I don't get all the hype...I think I'm much more of a fan of classic Mulberry :-s
  4. Me too.:yahoo:
  5. I have to agree the standard del rey is not for me either but i love the oak small Anthony.
    The classic bags are lovely.
  6. DISLIKE (but don't hate):
    Daria Satchel - strap too short for across body and disc too blingy for me

    Daria Hobo - disc too blingy although petrol with gunmetal is lovely as its toned down

    Lily - strap too short for across body, chain strap not comfy for me

    Mitzy - too big, open top, dislike brown strap

    Antony - too masculine

    Any handheld bag - don't work for me as I get pins and needles up arms, has to either go on shoulder or preferably across body

    SBS - perfect size and shape for me and love it across body

    Alexa - love style but sold ink and just haven't found perfect leather /colour combi yet to replace

    Funny how some I love others dislike, and others I dislike others love. I have to say all the ones I dislike I do actually like them on others, they are just not for me.
  7. Not liking the Maisie. Notice that no one is buying them in the sale.... I woukdnt. I have seen a Maisie being carrried. Agree with what another lady said on here about the denim Mulberry bags, when I spend my money, I want good quality leather. Unsure about the Del Ray at the moment, though it will probably win me over, it seems like hand luggage.
  8. Yes, think we have been bag twins on a few occasions and sold on many of the same bags too :smile:
  9. Hi ladies. Controversial thread! I hope nobody takes offence...

    I dislike..
    Daria (like others have mentioned too blingy and I don't like big obvious logos)
    Effie same as above.
    Roxy-too busy
    Anthony-too boxy
    Alexa- too boring and too many copycats on the high street
    Maisie- cheap looking
    Eliza- too seasonal with the studs although love the leather
    Sbs- find the whole short handles and the cross body strap odd. Definitely would look weird on me
    Trout- not for me but definitely can see some people looking great with it.
    Bryn- a bit boring?

    Eek I didn't realise how many I don't like at the mo. what makes me laugh is how ridiculously fickle I am as I've bought many of the above in past but then sold them on. Hmmm

    Del rey
    I like the willow but again for such an expensive bag perhaps too seasonal.
  10. Love reading this thread, all the different opinions are really interesting! I don't think there's any mulberry bags I hate - I.e. if somebody gave me one for free I think I'd use it! But bags I never have any intention of purchasing:

    Alexa (to over-done in my opinion although I did see a lovely oak one on don't tell the bride)
    Bryn or similar manly bags
    SBS - don't get this one at all, looks like a child's bag to me.

    I absolutely adore the bays and would have lots of them if I could :heart: I also really like the Lily's, Carter and some of the tote bags.
  11. I'm very picky with my bags... but I LOVE the Maisie! (Specifically black with the shearling) honestly dreaming of that back (I know i'm in the minority for that, maybe everyone else has nightmares?!) I guess it's more my 'style' than a lot of TPFers!

    However, I really dislike any bag in oak! I agree with a lot of you, really don't like any of the Darias, Bays Tote and not even that keen on Lily!!

    Wow, I'm not going to be very popular with this post I feel :p

  12. Gosh these are the ones I adore :loveeyes:...............Love it when Mulberry add all these extras :hbeat:

    I am a hardware junky, I think it makes the bag & hope to do a hairy reveal later!!!!!!!!

    Roxy got me into Mulberry when it first came out but I have to admit very impractical but just had to have another in black when they hit the Outlets.

    Other than my initial reply that i hate Mitzy Sacks & Bus Conductor bags When I read all of your comments it brings quite a few more to mind I don't like

    Del Ray.........really naff, just so plain & I would never buy a bag I can't get over my shoulder

    Cant think why it's taken another season for Mulberry to introduce a satchel. We all seem in agreement that was a good idea

    The new style Effie

    & those zigzag bags.................and tweed, Mulberry should stick to leather

    Think we could go on for ever....

    Have you had a count up Jan. there seem a lot of votes for Antony :tdown:
  13. Of the recents.........
    Multicolour Bayswater / Lily - bit like buying a Aston Martin and spraying it Council van yellow (back in the day)
    Alexa - tried it but just dont *get it*.
    Daria - all of them because of the huge badge (until the day i buy one that is !)
    Tweed Cecily and all the Zig Zag bags - i think they were really taking the mickey with those.
    New Effie - its that huge rim round the edge that spoils it for me.

    Sure there are more but Corrie is about to start.................
  14. Have you seen thelittlestar's reveal? Your black shearling Maisie looks fab on this! ;) It's great to be different - I'm still in a minority of three who like the Marmite Bays of the sale, the floral scribble! Heaven knows why, but I just do!! :biggrin:
  15. Just saw it! *In love* however I've just splurged on a Bal so I don't think it'll be mine any time soon! Maybe outlet next year?!

    Ooo me too! I think I like any of the 'classic' Mulbs that have funky patterns more so than the plain!

    Definitely good to be different!!