Mulberry bags in Absolutely Fabulous movie

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  1. Anyone else seen this film yet? No comment on the actual film itself (the less said the better) but it looked like there were a few Mulberry bags in the movie. I think Patsy had a black medium sized Lily on her shoulder in one scene (where she's organising the PR party), then when Eddie and Patsy check into a hotel together, Patsy has packed her overnight bag in a Bayswater. Later on in the movie, Emma Bunton has a brightly coloured Alexa over her shoulder.

    I can't find anything about this online except a discussion of the dressing of the movie before the film's launch, so I can't double check to make sure I'm right, but I wondered if anyone else noticed this or if there were some I missed or got wrong! It was really nice to see Mulberry making an appearance in the film, especially with the bags being carried by the more fashionable characters.. i.e. not Eddie!
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  2. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to see it soon! I've heard that only items by British designers were used in the costumes. I do love to 'Mulberry-spot' :smile:
  3. Have I missed the name of the movie?
  4. Izzy it's the Absolutely Fabulous movie (ab fab) x
  5. Many thanks, apparently I need to learn to read!!:hrmm:
  6. I watched it last night, I found it really funny so guess each to their own but there were a lot of mulberry bags featured, I spotted a lily, couple of tessies, bayswater and an Alexa. I did wonder if there was a little product placement going on? Loved it though and have realised Patsy Stone is my style icon!
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  7. Yes! I haven't seen the movie yet, but saw movie stills, and loved Patsy's medium Lily ( so much so, that i odered one myself! :biggrin:) , as well as Emma Bunton's oak regular Lily. I think having only items by british designers for the costumes was a nice touch. I want Mulberry to thrive, despite new designs and leathers, Brexit and all... to me, it is the epitome of British elegance and quality. I want to own and flaunt my Mulberry bags for many years to come. Oh s#$%, din't mean to rant, was just delighted to see Mulberry bags in that movie. Also, there are some lush Bays to be seen in Bridget Jones's baby, another one to look forward to.
  8. Ab Fab was fun, I actually saw it twice in the theaters. And I luv the burgundy picadilly that Patsy carried in the movie