Mulberry bags I spotted 60% off at Nordstroms

  1. Prices are approximate based on my memory--they're all 60% off as of 1/10/07

    At Nordstrom's Valley Fair in San Jose, CA (408) 248-2180 (SA Georgette is very helpful--she's been with Nordie's 8 years)
    • Tan tooled Bayswater $475ish
    • Butterfly Bayswater $475
    • Ginger colored bag in style I don't know
    • 2 Emmy bags--one that looked tan and one that was chocolate
    • Patchwork tan, brown in I think also Bayswater--my memory is dim on that one
    • Two more I was not familiar with the styles
    At Nordstrom's Stanford in Palo Alto, CA (650) 323-5111
    • Chocolate bayswater with 2 appliqued tan leaves as accent on flap $475
    • One other I could not identify
    If you're interested but need more info I suggest calling the SA's before the bags are gone.
  2. Did they have any black Roxanne's?
  3. Sorry, I don't know because there were a couple styles I wasn't familiar with. But it looks like there are sale Mulberry bags at select Nordstroms throughout the country. I'd find a helpful SA and ask them to call around to see if they can locate it.