Mulberry Bags For Women 5ft And Under

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  1. How about Alexa, just like some others mention. Here's blush color that went on sale not too long ago.

  2. Whether or not someone around 5' likes Alexa for themselves depends (in part) on whether or not they like carrying bigger bags. I really love the Alexa but every time I've tried one on for size it's felt too big for me as I don't like larger or more heavy bags.
    It is an M icon though :girlsigh:
  3. I would say Ledbury or EW bays if you want a classic look
  4. LOVE that Alexa! I'm 24, 5ft and I love my Alexa, it's just the right size for me and the style is a classic :biggrin:
  5. I just looked at that older post, I was so close to getting one then, but hesitated and thought I'd missed out. But it was meant to be and I love my new regular (yes was confused as to what size I actually bought) and I absolutely love it. It may not be too late, I got only got mine a few weeks ago and I think they were reduced further this week
  6. How about a small Del Rey? I was surprised at how much mine holds - almost as much as an Alexa, which is bigger but tapers a lot at the top...

    Otherwise maybe Bryn or small Effie satchel... although the Effie strap isn't adjustable unless I am remembering wrongly...
  7. I'm 5ft and the Daria satchel is a great size. Not too big but very roomy inside.
  8. The Effie has two straps, a shoulder and a cross body. Neither are adjustable. They're both a workable length on me :smile:
  9. How about Antony? It's a little more masculine, but so roomy and versatile and much cheaper than other options.
  10. I'm 5ft 2 and I don't let my height affect the bag I carry. If I love it I'll pull it off. I find its only if I'm uncomfortable with a bag that it doesn't look good.
  11. +1
    I agree. I have an oversized alexa and it works even though im petite.
  12. Ok it's about time I stopped worrying about looking ridiculous when carrying a big bag. If you ladies can work them then it's about time I did too :lol:
  13. I say carry what you love!!
    Once you love it you will rock it :smile:
  14. Go for it! Look forward to seeing what you get! :graucho:
  15. Well to be honest I'm wanting to stray from the M fold and get either a LV Palermo PM or a LV Neverful MM. Though if I was getting another M I'd want a Bays double zip tote.
    I got a gold pandora bracelet for my 40th in December and I spent too much on charms for it so my emergency bag fund is badly depleted, it'll be a while :lol: