Mulberry Bags For Women 5ft And Under

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  1. :smile: Hello,

    I would like to buy a preloved Mulberry bag (preferably shoulder type) for my beautiful daughter. She is 21 years old and 5ft tall. Can you recommend a bag that will be age appropriate and also able to fit her cosmetic bag, cell phone, wallet, etc...?

    I have some Mulberry bags (Ledbury, and Mabel) but they are all hand held. I would like to get a bag that will not look awkward on her. Before I purchase one, I will show her a picture of it (in the event she does not like it). Thanks:heart:
  2. An sbs is like a Ledbury but with a long strap...or she may like regular alexa?
  3. I think a regular sized Alexa would look lovely on her, fitting lots but not being too big.

    I also have an Alexa camera bag which is even smaller and still looks fantastic, but Mulberry doesn't make them any more so you'd have to buy preloved...

    I think the Alexa style is very practical, lightweight, and young. You can easily make more holes in the strap if she finds it hangs too low on her.
  4. I'm 5'1" and mini Alexa is perfect for me. It can hold a small cosmetics pouch, wallet, phone and small folding umbrella.

    If that's too small, I quite like the Effie satchel as well, since it has 2 removeable straps and can be either shoulder or crossbody.
  5. I'm 4'11" and I have an Effie, Araline (maybe the Araline is too old for her) and a Lily. All my bags are a great size for me and the Effie in particular is very roomy. The Lily is great for holding my small wallet, iPhone, keys and a small cosmetic bag, though it is a snug fit.
    All can be carried as a shoulder bag, the Effie and Lily can also be carried cross body. All of these do pop up occasionally on eBay, NaughtiPidginsNest and Labels Most Wanted. Though you'd need to verify any eBay lots here first.
    I personally feel that an Alexa, Bayswater and Del Ray are too big for me. The small Del Ray is my next must have M purchase as it's a great size for me so that's an option for you too, though they're not as easy to get preloved.
  6. Also there's the carter, these came in 2 sizes I believe, you would have to buy preloved :smile:
  7. Is the small effie too small? I like the look of it in red
  8. I have the full sized Effie and it's still a nice size on me, not huge at all. The small Effie might be a bit too small to carry an iPad, whereas one fits into my Effie :smile:
  9. You are's more lily size I think...might not even take a mini ipad but its cute

  10. Hers a picture of each of my bags just for reference ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392136702.241947.jpg
    Hope this helps :smile:
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  12. Good one!! And you can get a new one at the outlets rather than preloved
  13. This^ :loveeyes:
    Not getting a Bryn is a huge regret :crybaby:
  14. Hi.

    I would recommend a Daria satchel.

    I'm 5' and its perfect on me.

    Also quite casual and a bit young-looking.

  15. I'm 4'11 and I love the regular Alexa and I'm a huge fan of the regular Cecily!