Mulberry bags coloured darwin leather

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  1. Im planning my next mulberry purchase :yahoo:and I really fancy something in olive or apple darwin leather, possibly a blenheim I'm not sure, but I really would like something in a shade of green.

    The only thing that Im concerned about is whether the apple/olive shades turn a funny colour over time, as the patina develops. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Ive seen some on eBay (not that I would be buying from there but probably from one of the UK outlets) that looked a funny colour :confused1:

    Does anyone have a used mulberry bag in either of these colours that they would be able to post a picture of? Or know anything about it? thanks in advance ladies :tup:
  2. I don't have a bag in that colour but I've seen some older ones around and they seem to keep their colour. I've not heard of them fading.
  3. My friend has an apple roxanne - it has got a tiny bit darker but I think its looks better

    You how the oak colour looks better in time - that is how the apple goes
  4. Some of the lighter colours eg, apple, denim etc can fade over time, and very often Mulberry will add a label onto the barcode tag advising that the item can fade if left in sunlight. I have seen items that have gone a bit yellow in parts, where they have been in the sunlight for too long. However, that is probably unlikely to happen with general use and only if the bag is not stored away when not in use.
  5. Thanks everyone. Jazzyjay, the apples ones Ive seen did look a bit yellow, so i guess it was probably due to sunlight. I keep my bags in their dustbags in the wardrobe when theyre not in use, so hopefully that wouldnt happen. I do love the apple colour so this is good news to hear... if the apple turned as nice a colour as the oak does over time then that would be great :tup:

    I really want one now!
  6. If you're looking for a green Mulberry bag, I've had my eye on this one ever since I first saw it in an ad in Vogue a few months ago. It's the large Smithfield bag...

    Mulberry green Smithfield from Vogue ad.JPG
  7. I saw someone with an apple green Roxanne a few weeks ago and it had got darker, but it looked beautiful. Stunning bag.
  8. That Smithfield bag is BEAUTIFUL!
  9. Someone posted a picture of her aged Mulberry apple green Roxanne - it had darkened slightly olive but still a very beautiful shade of green. You should be able to find it by searching.

    I found the post:
    Please note though she says it was darkened because she sent it back to get water spots removed - so it isn't from a slow natural aging - but it would probably look something like this.