Mulberry bag reveal


Feb 3, 2013
Congrats a perfect choice!

The leather is pretty hardwearing, waterproof although will slouch quite a bit after a while

Congratulations!! Lovely bag, she'll definitely serve you well :smile:
Thank you!

Welcome to the slippery slope :graucho: Great way to start - enjoy !
This is my second purchase in a week. At least I have an almost matching set as I now have a bag and purse!

Ooh, she's absolutely gorgeous! Many congratulations! :smile:
Thank you! I thought I'd never find an East west Bayswater!

Congratulations on your lovely EW bays, enjoy!
Thank you!

Congratulations - the EW is timeless & it will indeed last you for years :smile:
Thank you! I'm over the moon with it!

Congratulations :smile: gorgeous ew. I love mine :smile: enjoy her :smile:
Thank you! I will!