Mulberry bag - is it worth it?

  1. I just purchased this bag and it was a little more than I wanted to you think at $600 I should keep it? I wouldnt mind spending the money if I was able to use it next spring/summer...but Im not sure I can.

    Im curious to know other's opinions...thanks!
    mulberry bach.jpg mulberry bag 2.jpg
  2. Thanks for the suggestion...the Michael Kors is nice. For that money, the Mulberry bag should be leather but honestly for the summer I would like something more casual...canvas like...
  3. A Mulberry bag in leather is always worth it, you will get an enormous amount of use out of it. I am not so sure about the canvas, keep it only if you love it.

  4. yeah i love mulberry but not a fan of this one. straw is the it thing this summer so if you wanted a cheaper summer bag, you could spring for the leather mulberry for fall and winter?
  5. lol i love how i said straw is the it thing when my wardrobe staple is sweat pants and adida jackets..
  6. I think Mulberry bags are very well made but I do prefer one in all leather. If you love the canvas one then keep it.
  7. I like the bag. What's wrong with canvas?
  8. If you're concerned about the cost, an alternative canvas and leather bag (which will last a life time) is a Filson's. It is extremely well made and durable - we own an entire line of the luggage for adventure travel, and its amazing the abuse it can take. It is heavy, though ...

    I tried to lift a picture from the website, but it won't let me: (search for "small field bag").

    When I first joined this forum I wouldn't have dreamed of publicly admitting to being a Filsons fan, but Lucky Magazine recently noted them as a classic - who'd have guessed? :shame:

    As far as your question goes, for the money, I'd save a little more for an all-leather Mulberry. Worth every penny. Not sure about the price-tag on the canvas.
  9. Mulberry is all about the amazing leather!! It will last forever and look better as it ages - I love mine!!
  10. At that price, a bag should be all leather or made by Dior.
  11. I like your bag but would prefer it in all-leather. For $600 bag, I would most likely buy a Vuitton Antigua Cabas bag for $640.
  12. I think that bag is great! I think it will last and last, and also you could use that any season because of the color. Aren't the leather ones twice the price?