Mulberry Bag in Grazia Mag need help identifying....

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  1. Hi girls,

    Has anyone seen the new issue of Grazia this week yet? There's a gorgeous Mulberry drawstring bag on the fifth page or something [I don't have a copy of that magazine with me right now] it's doesn't look like the Daria drawstring bag...does anyone know what it is?

    I've spent any hour looking online, on the Mulberry website and have done multiple searches here. As well as spending a lot of time looking through the stickies but no luck yet. It's so cute. I think I might buy one because my Oak Roxy was such a good purchase that I'm thinking this new addition would be a smart move. Thanks!
  2. Haven't seen grazia but the only other drawstring g I can think of is the leah tote
  3. Ha, ha, bluecat - the Leah is the only bag the two of us are thinking about...isn't it?
    I do hope it will be available soon:nuts:
  4. Hi Mimi - this bag is the Leah, looks great don't you think. Not sure when it is due to be released.

    Blue & Kris, I can see why you two are loving this bag.
  5. ^ There was a Mushroom Leah Shoulder bag in the Mulberry Store in Amsterdam so I presume if it is available there it will be available here very soon. It was a lovely looking, and feeling, bag!
  6. It's definitely the Leah - in a gorgeous pink colour, not as fluoro as the Hayden pink, delicious. Can't wait to see one IRL...
  7. Actually its not the only one for me Kris as I've just reserved an ink alexa which I'll pick up tomorrow. However, this does not detract whatsoever from my Leah lust as I'm on the waiting list for on in Bond Street. Just wish they would hurry up as I'm going to London on Saturday. I have to get a Leah though, it would be rude not to as it is DD1s name (and I fell for it in October last year).
  8. Cool Blue, is it the OS or the regular that you have reserved?
  9. You girls are awesome thank you! No wonder I couldn't find it, it's not been released yet. The bag is gorgeous. I'm sure it'll be a hit for it. And the pink one looks delicious as it's a semi-pastel pink - great spring colour.
  10. Yes that was the Leah shoulderbag, wich is different from the tote. The leather is sheepskin, very soft. And the colour was mushroom, beautiful!
    The shoulderbag will be about 600 or 650 euro.
  11. ^ It was lovely wasn't it?
  12. ^^ can someone post a pic of the Leah please?
  13. ^^ Thanks honeys :biggrin: