Mulberry Bag decision

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  1. Hoping for some good advice here. Just found this website today - looks great!

    Whilst on holiday I had my Mulberry Roxanne in chocolate stolen (amongst other things and am in the process of getting everything sorted through my insurance.

    We have found we can get an identical bag from the Mulberry outlets for £525 which the insurance company will pay for (after me sending in old pictures of the bag and proof or purchase etc) but now I am wondering whether to choose something else instead as they will give me a voucher. I loved my Roxie but having looked at the website have seen some really lovely more current bags. I went down to Bicester at the weekend and also saw some nice Roxanne Satchels but didn't like the colours and they don't do Oak anymore. The colours of the satchel were cobalt blue and burnt orange and coral - none of which appeal.
    They do also have a daria hobo in burnt orange which looked nice. All of these are within budget but now I am wondering whether to invest more and get something from this season. I am looking for a nice sized bag as i carry loads round with me.
    Can I have some suggestions pleeeeeease?? Just don't know whether to go for something bright or something neutral either!!
    I did really like the hobo in burnt orange and do like that colour and the price of that was just £415 in comparison to £695 so I guess it depends how important the colour is to me. If I could have got a mouse grey one I would have snapped that up straight away but they have sold out of those now - boo. My problem is that I am wasting far too much time calling the outlet stores and on the internet looking at pictures!! I didn't realise how time consuming it could be!

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. the roxy is discontinued so for a investment you could get another.

    or you could get something you really want and would use, its a hard one.
  3. Hi there, I think I might vote for roxy as it is being discontinued and hard to find in future. But I can see that it could be exciting to get a new bag- you really seem set on the burnt orange daria (its lovely as well)
  4. I recently got a Roxy from the outlet at Cheshire Oaks and it's gorgeous. Lovely NVT leather with dull brass hardware. I felt very lucky to have captured one. It is heavy - but it feels and looks so special.

    I also got a Daria from this season, which I have experienced problems with (mainly unacceptable scuffing to the badge after one careful wearing) some people on here also seem to be finding that the very shiny large plaque, which is part of what makes the Daria so attractive, is very vulnerable to scratching.
  5. I have a chocolate Roxy and absolutely love it. I wonder whether you'd really miss yours if you didn't get another one and then lost the chance to, as it's discontinued. The colours may be more fashionable right now, but the chocolate Roxanne is a classic, and I don't think you'd regret getting it again, whereas the others might be slightly more faddy? Only you can know how much you loved your Roxy though!
  6. Sorry to hear the bad news (ladies, I think we should think of getting some modelling pics of us wearing our bags - and our heads! - just in case this happens to us).

    Only you can decide what you prefer - you could get a newer season bag with the voucher, but always replace Roxy by buying a pre-loved one from a trusted seller, as there's still a few around.
  7. As I love the roxy I would have replaced her with another. But only you can decide
  8. I'm sorry to hear your roxy got stolen. Buying a new one is a good idea if you still want one, otherwise you might be better buying the daria.
  9. How horrid for you! Although 'just bags' as my friend said, I would be terribly upset if any were stolen.

    If it were me, it would depend on how much I was attached to the roxy especially as the others have said they're discontinued.

    If you're more excited by a new season bag / daria / style then I would maybe suggest going for that if your heart is with it
  10. good idea about taking pics with us and our bags, didn't realise bags could be claimed o the insurance?!

    i would say the roxy personally, it is def an investment :smile:
  11. Awww...I love my chocolate Roxy. I would be very upset if she had to be replaced, but it does depend how much you loved that style to begin with, and if you are itching for something new. Roxy's are not that hard to find on ebay, but this is your last chance for a brand new one.

    How much do you miss the Roxy? Really? I think that's the real question.