Mulberry At Cheshire Oaks

  1. Hi All

    Mulberry are due to open at Cheshire Oaks on either 6 or 7 Dec.

    Happy shopping - see you there!

  2. Could you post their number when they open :smile:
  3. YAAAAAAYY!!!! was waiting for you to skim along!!! I went today to have a bit of a scout etc,y'know get your bearings so you can park the car almost inside the shop type of thing. And its right opposite All Saints,near Starbucks!! We could meet up and have a nose about and report back to the girls with styles,colors,prices and of course a fone number for Tara!!! (NO BUYING THO!!!):tup::heart:
  4. Is it a regular shop or an outlet???
  5. I'm guessing its an outlet,but I had a bit of a sneaky peek through the windows last nite and it looks like its going to be posh and quite big,so it looks like a normal shop but then everything round it is outlets and thinking about it there is only one section of Cheshire Oaks that has normal price shops like Boots,Borders,HMV,M+S etc,but thats away on its own near the cinemas and food places.So hopefully its an outlet yay!!! But its jus typical tho isn't it,just as it opens we are going back to Manchester!!!:tdown:
  6. Its an oulet because I got a card from Bichester outlet and they mentioned Cheshire Oaks was opening soon.
  7. Cool!!:tup:
  8. Chaz - What's the betting that you don't hold out until May on your bag ban?
    It's great looking but better buying.
  9. yikes! I just looked at cheshire oaks with the view of my DP taking me down for the weekend but its even further away than york! What else is at cheshire oaks btw? might still try and twist his arm!
  10. Oh, loads of things,cinemas,food places,boots,mamas +papas,m+s food,borders ,the entertainer toyshop,HMV,sports shops,home furnihings place and on the outlet side theres Burberry,Diesel,Fat Face,La Senza,Karen Millen,Coast,All Saints,Goldsmiths,Bose,Next,Moonsoon,Gap there is loads, give the info desk a call,they should be able to send you a list of whats there,any probs and I'll force myself to go and get you one!! Hahahaha!!!xxxxxxxx

    Btw,York is a much prettier place!! ( Oo,and theres Blue Planet aquarium at Chesh oaks if you take the little uns,Sophie loved it in there!!!)