mulberry araline real or fake?

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  1. hi there i'm really new to this i hope someone can help me my friend wants to know if her new araline is real or fake it looks exactly the same as the one on the mulberry site and on Net-A-Porter but it has a tag sewn into the lining inside saying"made in china" i thought all mulberry bags were made in the uk can anyone who owns a genuine araline help? i'm sure you all know more about it than me thanks
  2. i bought my brown araline from the london mulberry store, and yes, sadly, there is a black tag that says made in china. Mulberry make their bags overseas, my bleinheim is made in turkey. hope this helps.
  3. thanks for your help muppy she will be so pleased!
  4. For all that cash (!) and schmiel about 'British Designer Quality' and they then have them made abroad......?!
    Shocking:wacko: :blink:
  5. Mulberry is one of those brands I thought would never sell out...but alas, they did. I am holding a blue one right now (listing it on eBay.) My sister bought it at the Mulberry store, and it also has the China tag. Sniff!
  6. So far I've seen Mulberry bags made in England, Turkey & China.
    I too was equally miffed to see made in China!
  7. Aaaack! This thread is from January!:shocked:
  8. Mine is made in China, too!! It looks very real and the seller said that she got it from Nieman Marcus ( which I believe because all her purses are real and she hates fake).
  9. They are made in china, and turkey and spain (I think) as well as england.
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