Mulberry Araline question

  1. Are these bags being discontinued? I see them on sale at Mulberry but I don't see them in the regular list of bags.

    What's with that?
  2. Hi there, I don't know about being discontinued, but I did notice that in the catalogue for Spring Summer that dropped through my letterbox a couple of weeks ago, the Araline is missing. . . Curiouser and curiouser (said Alice)!
  3. Hmm, how strange. It's such a lovely bag, and sometimes people need a change from heavy darwin leather while having the mulberry look, that I'm really surprised.
  4. I agree. I felt it (sounds odd but you know what I mean!) when passing through Selfridges and thought it was such a delicious change from the usual Mulberry leathers - it was meltingly soft although not my style. I could see a really gorgeous cream summer bag in that leather/style . . .
  5. In the spring/summer catalogue, did they have Phoebes? I see on the website that the Phoebe is not there either.