Mulberry Araline: Cut the tassles!

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  1. The Mulberry Araline is pretty huge in the UK, probably because it is a British brand, and I finally took the plunge and got one in chocolate brown. It's my first major investment on a bag (probably not that major as it is still cheaper than many designer bags, at 295pounds), but it's so soft and I love the size of it. Do you think it will be one of those bags that will last a while rather than being just an 'it' bag? I like the fact that it's practical, comfortable and pretty light to carry around. But I'm not a fan of the tassles. I tried contacting Mulberry and asked if they do a similar strap but without the tassles but was told it was against company policy to change the design of the bag. I am now thinking of actually cutting them off myself! I'm not sure and don't want to make a grave mistake! What do you think? :oh:
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  2. Hi, welcome aboard!! I don't recommend cutting off the tassel if you decide to sell it on ebay after a long use because people might think it's not authentic and the tassel is probably the representation of that particular bag (like the Chloe Paddy is known for its pad lock). But if you think you'll keep it for a long while and if cutting off that tassel will make you happy then go ahead. :lol:

    Personally, I like the tassel on that bag.
  3. I like the tassel on it as well. It might look naked without it. I looked at the bag and really liked how lightweight it was and how soft the leather is. I have Roxanne that I love but the Araline is such a change of pace for Mulberry!
  4. i like the tassles, it gives the bag character and something a little different. i have big tassles on my IF audra bag, and i thought that i wouldn't like them at first, but they're fun, i wouldn't change them for the world. give them a chance, and if you still want to then it's up to you, but i wouldn't.
  5. It will alter the bag.. It wouldn't be Mulberry Araline anymore I think, and I agree that it will make the bag plain without the tassle.
  6. i don't think you should cut the tassles off. if it bothers you, you should return it and look for a bag in a similar design. there are lots out there for you to choose from.
  7. I completely agree -also, I don't advise buying a $600.00 bag and then redesigning it!
  8. Muppy....what color is your bag? I saw that one at Bergdorfs -- very dark with the purple-y tone on the underside of the tassle pieces. Is it brown or black? I really couldn't tell.
  9. Hi

    I bought the chocolate brown one, yes, with the purple undertones on the tassles. It's a very dark brown, and in the store and on the internet, it did look like black to me. But the sales person brought the bag outside the store to show me and in daylight, you can see it is brown.

    Thanks for all your comments. I spent an hour last night trying to re-tie the straps and I managed to tie it so that the tassles fall on one end of the bag, which means when I carry it, it's kinda behind me. I think I will try using it like that for a while and see how it goes.

  10. I almost bought this bag but got a Roxanne instead. DON'T cut off the tassles - they are the best part! I really like them.
  11. Tassles aren't for me but I wouldn't remove them. On this bag they are cute. Enjoy the bag!
  12. do NOT cut them off!!!
    mulberry has other amazing designs .. maybe you shoudl exchange it ... i know what a bummer it is to buy a bag and then hate one small teeny part of it that gets bigger and bigger in your eyes till it makes you hate the damn thing! so exchange it!
  13. omg the bag is so pretty! love those tassles!
    am thinking to get a purple one for myself on xmas.
    just wondering are those tassles sturdy enough to hold weight? :amazed:
  14. well, the strap is actually one long 'rope' (the leather is kinda weaved) with 2 tassles at the ends. When I bought it, it was tied in such a way that each tassle lay on one side of your shoulder (one on the front and one behind), but I found that really annoying; so with my itchy hands, I set my creative juices at work and tried tying it in a way that I like. It's good that we have a choice of length as well. And don't worry about the strap, the leather is very strong and because of the weaving design, it kinda creates a friction when you tie a knot and thus make it really sturdy. Hope that helps.

    I love how the bag feels and smells!
  15. muppy, I agree with everybody. Don't cut the tassles off! If it really bugs you, return the bag and get a different one. I can't think of any bags with a similar design off the top of my head, but I'm sure they exist.