Mulberry antony vs joel bag

  1. Which one??? Think i prefer the Antony as the closure looks more secure, but the joel looks so simple and has a leather strap. Any opinions? Anyone got either of these bags?
    check them out at Mulberry go to mens messenger bags.


  2. Hi again! I much prefer the joel to the antony - I like the simpler lines. Do check with the factory shop to see if they've got any in before you buy though. They seem to be getting a lot of current lines through at the moment.
  3. Hello again sarajane. Are you getting the impression yet that I'm not very decisive??! I saw an oak joel in real life the other day and it got me thinking that maybe I prefer it to the antony!
    interested to hear more opinions!!
  4. I hate making decisions. It's much easier when you see a bag and instantly love it but when you're unsure it's hell.
    Good luck in choosing...
  5. I need to have both styles in all the different colours layed out in front of me so i can compare and try them on!!!! Guess I'll have to wait until I can get to a store!
  6. From the online pics i like the Antony better. but you have to try it on you :smile:
  7. Yes, get yourself to a store and try them both. You've got to be happy with what you buy. Have fun.
  8. I prefer antony. Or Joel... Oh I can see why you are having trouble... But antony in choc is really cool
  9. yes, I do particularly like the antony in chocolate, or the joel in oak - oh wish i could have both!!!!!
  10. I like the Antony better.
  11. hi flyvetjo, I am also a follower of your dilemmas :yes: and I fully understand - I have my own...Now, this is very difficult but I think I lean towards the joel.
  12. I like the Joel better...maybe because I have a brother named that! Just kiidin'-I like the shape better.
  13. my vote is for antony
  14. I have both bags and there isn`t much difference in the interior space, it really is down to which you prefer :smile:
  15. Thankyou ladies for all your input. I've ordered a chocolate Antony bag from Harrods on-line!!! when it arrives my hubby is going to hide it away then i can have it for my Birthday ( in June!) Dh had the deciding vote and prefered the Antony!!!