Mulberry antony colours - help me choose!!!

  1. Ok, have decided Bayswater out of my budget at the moment but would love a Mulberry Antony bag ( and would probably get far more use out of it). Just can't decide on colour. Have decided I don't want Oak ( already have Mulberry bag in oak) so have a choice between black and chocolate. BUT the chocolate version is no longer on the website ( although I did see one in Selfridges last week)
    Now the questions

    1) which colour? (want to use it year around. tend to wear brown shoes/ coats but often black t-shirts/ polo necks)

    2) Is the chocolate version likely to be back on the website in the autumn?

    3) Anyone know what the waxed darwin is like?


    follow the link shop on line then leather bags - small shoulder bags to see the Antony!
  2. Flyvetjo - I'm going to PM you as I've spoken to the factory shop and you might be interested in what they have.
  3. i actually dont mind the oak...

  4. I like the oak darwin but i already have an oak Mulberry bag. Also IRL the oak Antony bag i saw had dark brown/black edges that i didn't particularly like.
  5. Get the chocolate. Im not sure, but Im guessing it'll be back on the website in autumn.But I think you should buy it at Selfridges. I think black bags look a bit dowdy with brown coats, but not the other way around. Choco should work all year.
  6. Thanks, I'm swaying the chocolate way!
  7. I have given a lot of thought to mulberry colours because of my own buying intentions - I also have oak rosemarry, love the colour and wouldnt mind getting a lot of oak darwin bags, it is the best colour in my opinion. wanting another mulberry, I considered black, but the black leather looks just too shiny and somehow, shininess is not a quality I would appreciate in a mulberry (fine with other brands) - also, a rich (shiny) bag would not work so well in the summer and didnt you say you were in australia? I have just received my choco large knightsbridge :yahoo: and I am in love!!!! the bag is FAB, the colour is rich, but matte. so go for oak or wait for the choco. I havent had much time to write up a thread about the knightsbridge and I dont have a digi cam and I would have to experiment with my cameraphone and my pc and for that I am just too busy right now. but I will do it, for sure! the knightsbridge is is going to be big, I think, it is THE perfect size, the drop is just right for over-shoulder or handheld.
    anyway, I do not want to get carried away now, good luck with the anthony!
  8. love the anthony! I'd go with black or the brown, if I were you.
  9. Glad you love your knightsbridge! I think it's got to be the chocolate colour ( I've seen the choco bayswater and loved the colour!) but my concern is trying to find a choco coloured one in June ( for my Birthday) as it is no longer on the website. i presume all the choco coloured bags will be back for the autumn???
  10. you still have time to look until June - if they ever made a choco anthony (these messenger type things are not really in the focus of my attention, I tend to carry a lot of bulky things) you stand a chance to find it via another retailer, etailer, eBay (but be careful) - sarajane wrote like she knew the factory shop might just have them...
  11. I bought a Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in Almond from Nordstrom. I never hear anyone else mention this color-is this oak? It's a light tan color with a shade darker tooling. I'm beginning to wonder if it is authentic-although I certainly would never expect Nordstrom to sell anything that wasn't! Have any of you heard of the color almond?:shame:
  12. I have seen almond,cognac and tan in descriptions of authentic mulberries. nordstrom would not sell fakes. I am just not sure if it is just terminology or if there are differences in the colour - I suspect oak = tan, and almond could be a lighter even shade