Mulberry Antony - 40% off - Harvey Nichols

  1. I was just browsing the Harvey Nichols website and spotted that the Antonys are reduced to £117. Before everyone rushes off to purchase, they're out of stock :rolleyes: However, I guess it bodes well for Antony being reduced in the main Mulberry sale.

    [bit of a traitor, but am currently lusting after the grey MJ Stam that's been reduced in Harvey Nichols :heart:]

    Has anyone spotted that the Ledburys have been put back on the Mulberry site? I reckon they're going in the sale, too.
  2. OOO, a Stam!!!! Good luck on that one,I know its not the right forum,but post a pic on the prezzie reveal thread and let us have a good ole drool!!! Fab bag!!!

    Not noticed the ledburys though,but I have to behave I've got my sights firmly set on an oak Hanover,then an aqua Blenhiem and THEN an oak Rosemary!!! oooo,my poor,poor bank balance,gulp!!
  3. the anthony is in biecester 4 £137 an they had loads.
  4. oooh i hope they get some in stock soon!!!! i want a black Antony!!!!!!!!!