Mulberry announces resignation of CEO

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  1. I bought my first Mulberry in spring 2012, which (I think) was just before the prices started to sky rocket. I feel as if I had just gotten into Mulberry at the very end of the best time to do so :rain:
  2. Yes think it's a great shame for anyone coming into Mulberry now, especially youngsters hoping for a Mulberry bag.

    It seemed a fortune when I bought my first one many years ago but think it's more difficult now for anyone in their 20s

    Have a look at LittleMissPeppa's thread and the prices posted by Elvis from 5 years ago, bit of a shocker :woot::woot:
  3. I bought mine 2010/11/12 before they got too crazy expensive, and even then they were pretty much all on sale.
  4. Agreed. I quite like the willow but if I'm spending over 2k on a bag, I'd rather just save a little more and get a Chanel. I dislike having too many bags or regrets about what I've spent.
  5. I hope so too. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Mulberry int he next year or so. For now, I'm not buying anything unless the summer sales are spectacular and bring the prices back down to what they used to be on sale.
  6. I agree Mulberry's prices for the new style bags are just too high, at stage my in life at the moment there is no way that I can afford or justify buying so I don't even look. As has been said, if I had the money I would save a little more a buy a chanel, my dream bag.

    Having said that I am beginning to wonder if there is a small justification in price for the customer service from Mulberry. For example I have just bought an oak bays new, due to quality issues I am now awaiting my 3rd new bag to be delivered, problems with the first two. Surely this must cost the company somewhat and therefore add to price increases? While I can't fault the service received from Mulberry I can't help but think Mulberry don't help themselves, if the quality was satisfactory to begin with this would not be the case and they would not need to waste money having to replace so often. I have read numerous cases of this on here lately and I'm sure there are lots more from people who are not even members on here.
  7. I see Mulberry have made it into the press again regarding bruno and the recent price hikes

    How t op designers are trying to stop you buying their bags @MailOnline

    Mulberry is mentioned almost half the way down this article. Lets hope Mulberry swallows its pride, sits up and gives its actual customers what they want instead of aiming the brand at a market that does not work for them
  8. For some brands, however, moving too far upmarket has backfired, most notably in the case of Mulberry .* Just over a week ago, its CEO —* and the man chiefly credited with the decision to take the brand upmarket — Bruno Guillon, resigned. Mulberry’s share price had plummeted 60 per cent in two years, wiping millions from the value of the company.

    Commentators believe the move backfired as most of the company’s customers, some two-thirds it is estimated, are British. And those customers, according to TV fashion commentator and personal stylist Lisa Taylor, feel abandoned by the brands they have trusted* for years.

    ‘They’re alienating the core middle-class customer,’ she says. ‘They’ve abandoned the middle market, which just wants quality and style at a decent price. As you get a bit older, you want nice things. But if you have worked hard to afford them, you also want value for* money. Instead, you’ve got Chanel bags at £2,500.’
  9. Mulberry classics r beautiful. in the last few years i have bought 6. my last purchase was last year a black lily with gold hardware. some of the newer designs unfortunately r doing nothing for me online and in person. I don't really like the willow, primrose or the Suffolk. I hope that with this guy going means that there will be something to bring me back to one of my original loves.
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