Mulberry announces resignation of CEO

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  1. It didn't occur to me initially but the Telegraph article made sense. LVMH has been very aggressive with its acquisitions lately.
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    With the horrendous drop in share price since Bruni took over guess it's not really that surprising. Both companies seem to own most of the luxury brands.

    It just seems incredulous they let such a downward spiral go on for so long unchecked. We could all see there mistakes so why couldn't they, just pure greed maybe? Seems a great shame that our English Mulberry will end up in the hands of the French. I would imagine they will make a better job of it than the present shareholders, good that they will loose most of their say. No wonder we have lost the arrogant Bruno..................
  3. Our English Mulberry has been in the hands of the Ongs (Of Singapore) since 2003..... :smile: they appointed Bruno and were obviously happy with the plans he proposed. We may not have liked Bruno or the changes he brought about, but he was working to a remit which had to have been approved by the board. Mulberry is, like all other fashion companies, about making money.... if the Ongs sit tight and reappoint or if there is another takeover, this won't change :shrugs:
  4. Regardless of who ultimately owns the company, they wouldn't give up the English heritage brand image because that's the one thing that sets Mulberry apart. I just had a look at LVMH's fashion brands (below) and you know what is conspicuously missing? A good English brand. After all, Kering has Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney.

    I actually think a takeover could be quite a good thing: a bigger conglomeration might have better industry knowledge in how to expand overseas and price goods without alienating an entire home market. And if LVMH ends up owning Mulberry, chances are that they'll send an interesting (probably British) designer to head up creative, like how they sent JW Anderson to Loewe

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  5. Indeed..... Interesting times ahead [​IMG]
  6. I have to admit I have been "playing away" with chloe and Anya H for my last few purchases. I just felt insulted by the price rises and the quality control we have seen lately. I would love to come back and am very hopeful that quality, non-insulting prices and perhaps fab bags will lure me,

    When I was in Anya Hindmarch. I overheard another lady telling the SA that she "used to love Mulberry". I wonder who has gained from Mulberry's loss?
  7. I do feel uneasy reading all he criticism on Bruno.
    Mulberry has been out of British hand for a long, long time and changes were planned long before he crossed the channel. In this day and age you cannot expect products to remain 100% British. it's a global world out there and I for one love that different nationalities mix in the fashion world. . I don't buy Mulberry because it's British, but because I like it. The leathers have definitely improved over the last year and some new bags are truly masterpieces, justifying their price tag.
    I think coming from Hermes to Mulberry must have been hard on Bruno,. Agree, the price increases are annoying but I find it sad that people are commenting how happy they are to see him go, even gloating on his departure. I am sure he is a great asset to any brand, he has been successful with other very high end designers, probably he just didn't understand the mulberry spirit. I don't think you need to be British to lead a fashion house like mulberry either, in the end the French, Italians etc are undoubtedly much more successful designers than the british.
  8. Yes I know but in a buy out situation they will have to relinquish control which I think will probably be a good thing.

    Both the two companies mentioned own a huge amount of fashion houses and I actually think it will be better. The prices have been hiked, they won't come down but they won't be afraid to discount at sale times when stock isn't moving as they do with other brands such as McQeen, Choo, etc

    They were obviously doing something right initially but since appointing Bruno things have gone downhill. What a mistake, I found him totally arrogant and it would appear he turned a large portion of the UK market against Mulberry with many of his comments. These things, the ridiculous Cara campaigns and the huge hike in prices along with thinking they didn't have to discount their products just promoted me to change my thinking .

    I loved Bayswaters, still do but not at over £1000 , new leather or not. I just don't think they are worth it even with the shareholder discount. I am not tempted by any of their other new designs at current prices, maybe at 50% off in the sale I will think differently.
  9. I feel the same I love my mulberry bags and though I've been trying to explore other brands I haven't been blown away by anything else but Im just not willing to spend over $1000 on a bag.. I have a couple times for bags that I really was in love with (blush, valentine, and zigzag Alexa's) but I don't want to make that a common thing.. So when I buy from the boutique or outlet it's a rarity but still the prices on eBay are getting ridiculous too and I was in desperate need of anything from the sale. Lets see what happens...
  10. Really good post, thanks.

  11. I would LOVE to come back to Mulberry too. For the current Mulberry prices I was able to purchase LV, Chloe, etc., even Chanel (2 Ms = 1 Chanel, so why not save for the Chanel instead...and it does not go on sale.)

    I consider the Mulberry Forum my home forum here in tPF and I would love to be able to share and view exciting Mulberry purchases again!!
  12. Yep totally agree :tup::tup: I think if either takeover Mulberry it will be an improvement.

    All very interesting, can't wait for more news.
  13. just spotted this in "Vogue" ..

    Godfrey Davis, the brand's non-executive chairman and previous CEO, will become executive chairman until a successor is found
    Prior to Guillon's appointment, Mulberry was recognised as one of London's most high-profile brands, resonating with fashion followers, celebrities and professional women. Its bags had widespread appeal, particularly the Alexa satchel - which caused its profits to soar - and its catwalk shows were known for their starry front rows, including Kate Moss, Michelle Williams and Lana Del Rey. Upon joining Mulberry in March 2012, Guillon raised the label's prices and streamlined its famously large-scale parties in a bid to make it a serious luxury contender. Over the past two years, the brand has lost some of its playful, quintessentially British, youthful appeal, with its direction becoming increasingly unclear.

    Last season, the brand cancelled its London Fashion Week show and instead staged a presentation in which Cara Delevingne unveiled a collection of self-designed bags - a move that, although it distracted the press, did not negate the company's need to find a new creative director. Names rumoured to be filling the post have included Hannah MacGibbon, Erdem Moralioglu, Roland Mouret, Mary Katrantzou and Sophie Hulme.
  14. Yikes - wouldn't want to be working at Mulberry HQ at the moment, stress!
  15. Depends on if they have an employee share scheme... I daresay some employees are doing quite well out of the share price boost! :eyebrows:
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