Mulberry announces resignation of CEO

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  1. I just read the news about it. Mulberry announced the departure of its chief executive Frenchman Bruno Guillon with immediate effect after two years at the helm.

    "Bruno Guillon, Mulberry's chief executive, who joined the label in 2012 from Hermes, has been criticised for pushing up prices in a bid to make Mulberry more upmarket. The label has abandoned customers prepared to pay £150-£500 in a bid to become a full-scale designer brand." (from: the guardian)

    Boy, I hope Mulberry will do something about their ridiculous price increase.
  2. Hmm, interesting news but from a business perspective putting down prices for existing products isn't great. They could bring out new designs at lower prices but having reached iconic status with Bayswater a price reduction would negate the brand.
  3. What a mess! Totally embarrassing, clearly they do not know what their strategy actually is?!
  4. Yes Bruno, that's right! You increase the prices, Emma Hill leaves because she refuses to agree to a further increase, Mulberry has no Creative Director, the shares go downhill and now you leave!!!!

    Veeeeery nice...NOT...
  5. This is great news! :woohoo:

    Actually - I don't feel reducing prices would be a negative thing at all. It might actually bring in new customers along with the old that have abandoned Mulberry lately.
    For example, the simple-as-can-be Dorset tote retails now for about the same price a Bays did a few years back; it's just ridiculous and many won't support a label that rips off with old designs and just raises the prices to "make the bags more covetable". That's a schoolbook example of stupid business thinking right there.

    I, as surely many others, too, have had a high opinion of Mulberry as an affordable British/European casual-chic brand, let's hope that is restored by the intro of a new CEO. If not, luckily there are others out there willing to cater to us. :smile:
  6. Thanks for posting this information since we don't see it regularly in the US. Can't help but wonder who Mulberry will recruit to take his place??
  7. I don't think reducing the current prices is even an option.

    Yes, they might bring more customers, but what happens with the customers that paid full price and have been paying full price for many months now? Some of the bags had higher production costs which now define the retail price. I am not sure they can decrease the prices just like that!

    All they can do I think now, if reducing prices on some items in the future is a possibility, is offer very good discounts during the sale and from that point on consider dropping the prices on a few ranges as the Bayswater and the Alexa for example. They could go back to the prices they had prior to the final increase.
  8. I wonder if this implies sales still aren't going well and the fabled waiting list for a Cara bag hasn't materialised.
  9. Interesting.... is there still no designer or sign of one yet? Who designs the bags and RTW in the meantime?
  10. Make or break time Mulberry!
  11. Maybe the supporting designers Emma Hill had around her while she was at Mulberry?
  12. I for one am so GLAD to see him go. I knew he would be gone soon after the latest profit warnings as he was destroying the brand.
    Well done mulberry! And don't forget your loyal UK customers while you expand internationally.
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    I agree with you MsSJones. Finally there is some realisation that he has been destroying the brand.
    Arrogant man. Mulberry was never going to be Hermes as it should NOT be. It is mulberry and should be proud to be a British brand and not become a copycat of another brand.
  14. Good news, can't say I am sorry. At last a step in the right direction, hopefully they will appoint someone who has more empathy with existing loyal customers. At the end of the day it is 'Sales' that count wether from the UK or Internationally it should not make any difference.

    All they need to do now is sort out that Cara Bag before it is too late. If they were to scale it back & introduce it as a cheaper diffusion line then they could possibly have a winner on their hands as it would appeal to the younger set & hopefully bring a lot more people on board.

    Maybe they will reinstate Emma Hill to put some fun / quirkiness back into the brand which has sadly been lacking of late. But maybe that is a bit too much to hope for. :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
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