mulberry annie

  1. Anyone else got one? if so, do you tend to carry it handheld or shoulder. I find with a coat on it's difficult to keep on my shoulder. (but will probably carry it more in the summer anyway as won't have to worry about the rain so much!)
  2. Just got mine last week, I'm so happy! :smile:

    I imagine it must be more difficult to carry it on your shoulder wearing a winter coat, but I have no problems with my spring coat. But I also carry it on my arm or just handheld, depending on what I feel like.
  3. I don't have the annie but the fit is similar to the Bayswater. With a big winter coat just doesn't fit but in the summer is fine!

    Sometimes I wish Mulberry would give an extra inch on the handles esp when some of them are so heavy!

    I do love the annie though:heart:
  4. The Annie is a great bag, it will be my next.:heart: I will have to consider the coat issue, however, as living in the northeast, we wear heavier coats six months (at least) out of the year. I assumed that it was a shoulder bag, hmmmmm, should I reconsider?
  5. If you just try it on with your winter coat, you will see how it fits. I think it might fit if you're skinny.

    I got mine in chocolate, it's wonderful. Perfect size and shape for me. :heart:
  6. It is a shoulder bag and the strap drop does give sl more room than the bayswater. It fits ok over most of my coats just not my thick winter coat!

    Love it!

    Also do you guys find access a problem at all?
  7. Access is not a problem for me. Quite easy to open and close, and you've got two front pockets for little things.

    But, I've only had it for a few weeks.

    What I noticed is that you can fit in a lot more stuff than you would think when you see the bag. Which is good. :smile: