Mulberry Annie - I want one....

  1. where can I get a cheap one from? anyone know of any sales going on?
  2. I think Net-A-Porter has it on sale -not 100% sure it is the Annie, but go take a look.
  3. Are you in Uk? if so recently when i was at the outlet shop in York they had a black one and an oak one in there. You can give them a call on +44 (0) 1904 611 055 or e-mail

    I love my oak Annie !!
  4. I just received my Annie last week and I am in love. I can't stop gushing. I received an email from Mulberry today, they are having a sale. It started on the 11th (I don't check my email often enough). I don't know if they have Annie on sale, but it would be worth the call. I am pretty sure the message came from the NYC stores, I have dealt with the Mulberry shop on Bleeker. They are very nice, you should call!!! Good luck!
  5. there are 3 black, one dark/light brown and one light (not oak) on sale at Saks Denver approx. $570. I hope one of these is what you're looking for!