Mulberry Annie - fake or not?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I’m a girl from Sweden (thats why the sometimes mystic spelling...) who definitly needs your help.
    A friend of mine wants to sell her Mulberry Annie bag to me. So far so good.
    The only problem is that I cant recognize a fake Mulberry from an authentic. It seems very right though – she got it from her ex boyfriend. It would been an easy thing to call that ex and ask where he bought it and if he maybe still got the receipt, it’s just that the two of them don’t speak to each other no more. (And I mean no more...)

    Of course my girlfriend always believed this is a real Mulberry, but after surfing around the eBay and so on for a long time (I had cravings for a Mulberry a long long time) I just can’t be sure! There are way to many fakes out there, and I dont want to be fooled!

    Can someone here please take a look at the pictures of this bag?
    It has a serial number and a tag hidden which says “Made in England”. My girlfriend never used it, so it is still smelling good of leather, but its not that soft yet.
    Hardware has the logo on it, and it weighs about 2 lb.

    I know there are amounts of threads of this “please authenticate” and you must be tired of it... but please, please give me your opinions about this!

  2. The last pics:

  3. Can't see all the pics because they are a bit big. My authentic annie weighs 2 lbs, has a serial number but was made in Turkey. Not all of them have serial numbers. The pics look good as far as I can see but as i said i can't see the pics on the right hand side of the screen.
    here's mine

    smaller still.jpg
  4. As flyvetjo said, the pictures are too big so only two can be seen, however, from those two, the bag does appear to be genuine.
  5. I am not an expert, but I looked at my own Annie and compared it to this one. It looks good to me.
  6. Thanks for your answers!
    Scarcici - that page was very good - both my straps and the bottom of the purse looks like the one on the genuine pics.

    Sorry for my large pictures. For those who wants to take a closer look to all of them, here is the links:

  7. Hi again:
    The photos look very good to me...but, unfortunately, I am not an expert in Mulberry bags :sad:
  8. Photo's all look good to me. the leather looks right and if it smells good too it sounds genuine. All the little details are right. Does your friend know where her boyfriend bought it from?
  9. He bought it abroad somewhere in Europe, abput two years ago, but she can't remember where. She got it for present, but never used it. Now they've split and he lives in Denmark with his new girlfriend, so she is not that willing to call him and ask. Unfortunatly, we don't have a store here which sells Mulberry bags. Otherwise I would have go to look and feel at one.
    Anyway - you all say it look genuine, and that makes me glad. She wants 2000 SEK (about 300 USD) for the bag - and thats cheap if its unused and genuine.:nuts:
    So - what do you think? Shall I make a deal? For a long time I have thought about the Phoebe bag, but Annie is also so cute.:heart:
    Those of you who own an Annie - is it a nice and comfy bag to wear as an every day-bag?

    Thanks for all your help. It's truly wonderful to have all this nice people here helping me!
  10. I find it comfy to wear but a bit of a squeeze over a thick coat. It's a fantastic price you're getting it for! If your friend will let you, maybe fill it with your own stuff and try it on to see what you think. The leather will soften with use.