Mulberry and TPF

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  1. Hi guys , Just wondered how did you hear about this site and why did you join ?

    For me, I was on a quest on ebay and getting nowhere in finding a " real " Mulberry and somebody told me about this site.

    Since joining I have purchased 3 Mulberries :tup:
  2. I had bought a fake Mulberry off e-bay and was pretty cheesed off. I started googling bags etc and this site sprung up. Been addicted ever since!!! I have also bought 3 Mulberries since joining!!!
  3. I followed ditab back here from another forum, and have bought 1 mulberry since joining...but that is less than a week ago!
  4. I saw someone mention this forum on another forum beginning with 'H'. I'd just bought my first Mulberry....that was in I have a few more bags.....:biggrin:
  5. I can't actually remember, even though it was quite recently .... I think I was googling for Mulberry and came across a link to a posting. Or maybe I saw it referred to while I was on ebay .... Whatever, very glad I found it and able to socialise with ladies who understand how I feel about my mulberries!
  6. I was having a dilemma over the Chloe Paddy and the Elgin,and wanted some other opinions,I searched around for ages,ended up getting the Elgin,but still kept looking for somwhere that had good bag chat,just in case the scenario came up again.Stumbled across tpf,joined instantly,and have loved it and stayed!!! Made some brillaint freinds,and tpf is part of my socialising life now!!!
  7. i think i found it through the purse blog while googling for info on kooba bags some time ago. wasn't really active cos i wasn't into designer bags that much, though i did hang out on a couple of other sub-forums a bit. then i re-discovered mulberry when i was in the uk last year, n since then i've been hanging out here cos of my addiction. :smile:
  8. I found tpf through a listing on eBay. I haven't been a Mulberry fan for long - my first forum postings were on Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton (my first loves until I found Mulberry!).

    I have only just purchased my first Mulberry bag but it won't be my last!
  9. As a bag addict I found the blog through google. At that time there wasn't a Mulberry sub forum so I ended up in LV, Prada & Miu Miu & Chloe - cost me a lot in bags that have long since gone!
    Then I went on holiday & came back to find the Mulberry forum had appeared & I met all you lot. Now I check in most days & would always turn to you guys for opinions on new purchases etc!
    Since this forum started I've not been too bad as I already had quite a few Mulberries. I've just added 2 more - Hanover & Roxy.
  10. TPF was mentioned on a German forum which doesn't exist anymore. As this got more and more quarrelsome, I moved over here, and was delighted when the Mulberry sub-forum opened.
  11. I googled the collonil waterstop spray cos I'd just bought a new bayswater in the rainy season, found chaz's amazingly comprehensive posts and was instantly hooked!
    Can't tell you guys how happy I am to have found a bunch who understand my obsession :heart: I've been a Mulberry fan for 3 years now, and it's a bit of an under-the-radar brand here (why i love it!) so haven't met many others... Looking at all your posts and photos I'm absolutely itching to buy another though (I just got 1 two weeks ago!)...
  12. Chateleine - we all know that feeling only too well! I've got it at the moment, I know another Mulberry bag is calling me.
    Chaz's Collonil antics are now legendary & spreading across the world!
  13. Chaz has actually very kindly agreed to let me publish her collonil pix in the magazine I work for! :smile: Oh sarajane, I'm fighting rising baglust too, am so excited at my resolution to buy a coloured one next that I've started dreaming of colours that don't even exist! How crazy is that... :drool:
  14. I found out about this forum from some of the posts on Handbag. In my usual fashion, I lurked for months before joining in with the chat. I recognised agirlinwinter's collection from "knowing" her on Handbag :lol:

    When I joined, I already had 5 Mulberries (Elgin, Joni, Araline, Emmy, Ayler). Since then I've sold the Ayler, bought & sold a Phoebe and another Joni :shame: and bought (and kept) a Bayswater, Poppy, Roxanne and mini Mabel. whoops :lol:

    I love it here and am very fond of all my tPF buddies :hugs:
  15. Can't remember how I found TPF . But joined last year. Did'nt really hang out on here until a back problem forced me to rest for 3 months after Christmas . Now I'm hooked . The highlight for me was meeting SJ in SM coffee shop and chatting if we had been friends for years.....Priceless
    Wish I could be at the May meet to meet you other lovely Mulberries but I'm in Edinburgh .