Mulberry and Snow....

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  1. Would you risk taking a Mulberry out in this weather?? I wanted to wear my patent bayswater today but it's gone back in the dustbag because of the weather :Push: am I being over cautious???!!! :yes:
  2. I take my Bays when it snows. It's a black Bays though.
  3. I usually take my patent bays in the rain , as it just wipes off.
  4. Ok I'll try and be brave and take it out!
  5. i would not take my oak bays out in this its heavy here in Windsor
  6. I wouldn't mind taking my Oak Bays I suppose but that is because I want to get her worn in! I think I would probably take my Old and battered Oak Roxy though really or I would just take an LV or my Cath Kidston because they are waterproof!

    Patent should be okay though as Flossie says - might depend on the colour though!
  7. It's navy so should be actually it's kind of stopped here in Leamington Spa....decisions decisions! I wouldn't want to risk my Oak Bays...
  8. Of course it is, silly me! You have a photo of it as your avatar AND its written in your signature!

    I would only take my Oak Bays because I WANT it to be used and old looking! I don't mind getting it a little rained on so if I was only doing a short journey I would be okay using that today. I don't want to abuse it but I do want it looking worn!
  9. Collonilled black Roxanne is the only thing I'll ever take out when it's wet - or my little black glace Blenheim which is old and world weary... - they never show up any rain marks.
  10. I'm hardcore or foolhardy, but on the the premise that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.. I use my bags whatever the weather, after a hefty colonilling of course!

  11. Haha can you tell I'm quite pleased with it?? :yahoo:
  12. About the only bags I baby are those made out of napa. The rest are workhorses that go out in all weather.
  13. It's why I'm keeping the Araline - that's my snow bag! :lol:
  14. My E/W Bays (Indigo, buffalo leather) and Brown Antony (Outlet SP) have both been caught in downpours and came out totally unscathed, so I have absolutely no qualms at all about carrying them in any weather. They are sprayed and buffed regularly and still look like I just got them.
  15. Aqua Mabel came out in the snow today & came through it perfectly. It has been Collonil'd well and the snow just ran off. No marks. I'm liking antiqued leather more & more.