Mulberry Amsterdam

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  1. HI,
    I will be visiting Amsterdam this June from Asia, and am thinking of buying my first Mulberry Bays. I'm so excited!!:yahoo:

    Can I ask if anyone knows how amsterdam prices compared to London's or USA's, and as a tourist from outside of EU, what is the VAT % return I can claim? Will it be the same if I buy the same bag from Dusseldorf, Germany?

    TIA. :smile:
  2. Don't know about Mulberry, though there are a few nice department stores. Actually, I don't recall any serious designer boutiques or anything. The women at our hotel said the Dutch are very laid back and don't all do designer.

    Some of them must though...

    BTW...Love Amsterdam! Have fun!
  3. ^^^^ Yes there is a Mulberry store in Amsterdam , its quite small but has lots of stock .
    I got my scorpio keyring from there and the price worked out just the same as u.k prices.
  4. ^^^^Leave it to you to find the good shops Tara.
    I just got dragged around to beer factories and sex shows!!
  5. ^^^^ I leave that to DH !!! :lol:

    Funnily enough we are going back this november !!!

    Its DH`s birthday - About ten of us going - I dread to think what will happen
  6. I google about VAT return in Holland and found out u can receive a refund of 12% on purchases made. But Im not sure it will be the same VAT at Mulberry store.
  7. Anyone else want to come - If you dare :nuts:

    Actually like I said before the prices work out just about the same as u.k.
    My keyring was about £69 pounds.
  8. Sounds like New Orleans!!!
  9. I'm a frequent Mulberry Amsterdam visitor - it is about the same as the rest of europe - a bayswater is 750 euros. of course it'll be cheaper if you can get a tax refund, and buying from the US is even cheaper because of the low dollar, I'm planning to buy my first bayswater in New York next August because it's actually over 100 euros cheaper (according to today's exchange rates).
  10. Airport duty free shopping is the best deal in my opinion.
    I paid ca. 523 Euros for a black Bayswater at Heathrow airport (421 pounds).
    Can't wait for my next time passing through there....there is a Tod's bag that has my name on it :smile:
  11. Thanks you all for the feedback! :flowers:

    I read that there's a Mulberry store at PC Hooftstraat, so I have booked a hotel room very nearby to maximize mulberry shopping time. If prices are the same as UK's, it's already a better deal for me because SIngapore Mulberry prices are higher.

    Does anyone know if there's a Mulberry at Amsterdam airport? That would be great! no need to deal with VAT forms. TIA.
  12. Thats the name of the road - PC Hoofstraat !!!!

    You will have a fab time here so many top end designer shops, in fact the top 10 are all on this street alone !!!

    Also some really nice art galleries in this area.

    Its a nice part of Amsterdam :smile:

    And yes there is Mulberry at the airport also :tup:
  13. Thanks!! :yahoo:
    I've set my sight on a black bays or a aquamarine/turquoise bays :love:. The second is an invention of mine, since there is a mabel in this colour, hopefully, the bays will follow.

    Another place I'm heading for is the Nine Streets, where Van Ravenstein is.
  14. My hubby and I go to Amsterdam every year - I've never been on the look out for Mulberry before but I might have to see what I can find when we go this year.

    We adore Amsterdam and in a couple of years are hoping to be able to buy a property there! Oh I want to go now!
  15. German VAT is 19%, so you could claim that back. But I'm not sure you can get Mulberry anywhere in Duesseldorf, you might have to go to the store in Cologne.