Mulberry Alexa?

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  1. I've been eyeing Mulberry Alexa for a long long long time - never had the guts to place an order. Heard it's going to be discontinued - what are your thoughts about it? The style has been around for a while; is it worth it?

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  2. I guess it depends on whether you like a more relaxed or structured style. I have 3 Alexas, so needless to say I love the style. It's a more casual bag and I nearly always use it crossbody.

    2 of my Alexas are the oversized version, and 1 is the regular. I use the oversized ones most, but I like throw everything (including the kitchen sink) into them. Honestly, they fit heaps!!!

    If you've been eyeing one for a while I'd say go for it. There must be something about the style that appeals :smile:
  3. I was back in forth about it too. I wasn't sure if I like the style since it came out years ago. But after hearing it will be discontinued I bought it in the sale. It's a classic mulberry design and I believe that serious mulberry fans must have it.
  4. I have several Alexas as I love the style. I think it's a classic satchel style with a twist, always a classic in my eyes! :smile: Someone may of course think differently.
  5. I'll chime in, if you don't mind - I have 3, OS in raspberry pink, regular in black, and special edition Peace&Love in tan (size wise it's between OS and regular) - I love and use them all, they all are different and each is unique in its own way, if you liked it and wanted one for a while, then you made a right decision, at least one... in classic option... I'm sure you will not regret it, it's very nice bag and YOU decide which style it will be, work, casual, sporty or boho, it's easily blending with any... Enjoy!
    P.S. My personal tip - the long strap hook is a perfect place to get the car keys securely fixed when you need to release your hand quickly