Mulberry Alexa OS in da house!

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  1. Hi Everyone:

    I received a call from the Mulberry Store at Bleecker Stree in NYC yesterday advising that they had three Alexa's in stock for me to see. While I had already ordered my Alexa OS online from on 1/26 I decided to head over and see the leather on the three bags the store had. Much to my dismay the leather was felt papery and not substantial and the leather on all three bags had no character at all. I left disappointed but hopefull that the leather on my bag which was to be delivered would be fine. Well my packaga arrived today and the leather on my bag is great! Idon't know if you can tell from the photos which were taken in natural light late this afternoon but there is a graininess on the leather used on both the flap and the back of the bag. This is just the type of leather I wanted for my Alexa. I am totally in love and I hope that they make this bag in more colors as I would buy a second. I honestly don't care if I get another bag this year. Without further ado here is Miss Mulberry Alexa OS.:yahoo:

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  2. She is a beauty. There does seem to be a real variety between leathers on the Alexa bag to bag. Glad you got a perfecto one.
  3. gorgeous!!!! congrats!!
  4. beljwl and piglet42: Thanks very much! There is a great variation in the leather on the Alexa's. I might be wrong but I think the one's that make it to the US at least the one's I saw were thin papery leather. The ones that are ordered from the UK at least the ones I have seen seem to be better leather. This is just my opinion based on the three I saw yesterday and the one I have just received and I am not a Mulberry Expert. I am over the moon in love with Alexa OS.
  5. Here are some modeling shots taken in Natural light in the afternoon.
    I will try to take some more this weekend and post pictures in this thread as she starts to patina.

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  6. [​IMG]
  7. so beautiful :biggrin: congratulations
  8. hurrah! I am so glad you got yours today too! It looks lovely :smile:
  9. Your Alexa looks great. Congratulations!
  10. :woohoo: Fantastic! I am so pleased that you love her .. it is always such a gamble to buy online .. but your gamble paid off!! :yahoo:
  11. Oh congratulations! I am so pleased, your Alexa was clearly meant to travel to you instead! It is a shame to hear the others in store were not so nice. Nevermind... yours is a beautttty :love:
  12. Its a complete and utter Beauty Liz, congratulations :biggrin:
    Love the modelling pics too!! :biggrin:
  13. She is a beauty. Congratulations.

    Isn't it strange that the quality of the leather seems to vary. I wonder if there is more than one manufacturing site for Alexa for there to be such a variation.
  14. sigh, doesnt the Oak colour look incredible against blue :smile:
  15. Just gorgeous:biggrin:
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